Garamendi (CEOE) asks for “respect” for Ferrovial’s decision


The CEO of the CEO, Antonio Garamendihas asked for respect for Ferrovial’s decision to move its headquarters to the Netherlands and has recalled that the Spanish construction group remains “within the European Union and does not go to a tax haven”. He also recalled that the company has “90% of its business outside of Spain” and that its intention “to win over investors in the American stock market, where they currently have their basic expansion: in the United States and Canada”. Some demonstrations that he has made before participating in the Forinvest conference, which takes place at the Casa Mediterráneo in Alicante.

Specifically, the president of the CEOE, recalled that the company only in Spain generates more than 5,500 jobs in Spain and pays 280 million euros in taxes. For Garamendi “it is important not to demonize Spanish companies, and businessmen and women in this country because they generate wealth.” Garamendi has lamented, in line with the above, that “many times an anti-business climate is generated that I believe is truly disastrous for the country.”

In his opinion, for “the country to function, trust is very important” since businessmen create wealth, employment and pay taxes. For this reason, he believes that it is “a wrong message” that “fingers are being pointed at them lately”.

In any case, the president of the CEOE has insisted that he lives an “important” moment in which “confidence, legal certainty and regulatory stability” must be conveyed, and has called for “the end, please, of these permanent attacks on the business world, which is precisely what creates jobs and pays taxes”.

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