Gamarra says that the pension reform is a “patch” that will need adjustments


The general secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarrahas indicated that the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezknows “perfectly” that in 2025 adjustments will have to be made to the recently approved pension reformwhich in your opinion it is a “patch” that does not guarantee sustainability in the future and that, in addition, penalizes the creation of employment.

In an interview with Europa Press, Gamarra has insisted that the reform of the Executive is “a patch for the next two and a half years”, which is considered as a “short-term” proposal and to “kick forward” to avoid conflicts in this election year, and whoever put in the review clause “knows it perfectly.”

And it is that, the reform promoted by the Minister of Inclusion, José Luis Escrivá, includes the possibility of enabling an automatic adjustment mechanism in the system in the event that there is “some deviation” in the form of lack of income or excess spending . In other words, if there is an excess in pension spending, a mechanism will be activated to increase the income of the system or reduce its expenses or a combination of both. “That clause is the one that betrays the Government“, Gamarra points out.

The PP leader also appreciates a diagnostic error at the initial moment of the system, since the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) has warned about the possibility that the reform will increase the Social Security deficit. “The AIReF It has already been pronounced and has raised and warned about the sustainability of the approach made by the Government “, he adds.

Brussels has not entered the bottom

Although the Government has sent its pension plan to the European Commission and has reached an agreement on it, Gamarra stresses that from Brussels the reform has not yet been analyzed in depthsince it will do so when Spain requests the fourth disbursement of European recovery funds.

“One question is that Brussels can analyze, it will have to be seen, that the accounts balance and another thing is that this is an in-depth reform and with guarantees of sustainability of the system,” Gamarra warned. With all this, the spokesperson for the Popular Group has defended that The position of the PP involves guaranteeing the sustainability of the system, accepting that a revaluation of pensions according to the CPI is also included. Thus, he has slipped some of the proposals that his formation would make in this matter if the party leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, arrived at Moncloa.

The PP is committed to a birth plan and tax incentives

In the first place, says Gamarra, the PP is committed to a reform agreed within the framework of the Commission of the Pact of Toledo and in the Social Dialogue, where unions and employers meet. This is because, in his opinion, the current reform has not been agreed in either of these two scenarios and it does not have the approval of companies and the self-employed.

The future reform of the PP would also include a package of incentives in the tax field and in that of social contributions. And it is that, for the PP, the sustainability of the pension system can only be guaranteed if there are 1.7 million more Spaniards working. In this sense, they are committed to a policy that promotes job creation through hiring incentives. They also include among their proposals a birth promotion plan and the coordination of the policies of the Ministry of Labor and that of Social Security, for which both departments would be unified.

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