Gabriel Soto does finally get married, but with Sara Corrales and the actors gave the details | Shows Wake Up America


if it is not the most popular songI don’t know what else in the world.jessica: we’re going with gabrielSoto, right, my Carlos?Carlos: Gabriel Soto de laColomera Sara Corrales arrivesexpected by the public, thesoap opera wedding themthey tell us themselves.reporter: a very weddingdifferent within theTV soaps.entreúrsula and memo sharea special moment with friendsand relatives in ” my way isloving You “.Sara: It’s a very special wedding.long awaited, and so we golet’s see what happens,maybe i, maybe notmany things against itwedding and many people, we will seewhich is what finally happens.plot but it is a bit or thememo personalitywhere he is true to his word,faithful to what he says and that isexpectingaccording to a baby with ursula,then you have to do asmen.reporter: dress, hairstyle,accessory and special tattooone-of-a-kind girlfriend.sara: of course he did hisdesign, could not lose itsstyle, even at your wedding.and good is the design that islogged in for such a momentbirthday present in thechapter 1, this womansurprise memo with thisdetail.detail!reporter: a partyset with a lot of music andthe traditional ibora of love.Gabriel: the classic celebration,fun of all familieswhere it is finally done inthe restaurantthat they have and well,although it is not finally nowthat the happiness of memo,try to do the bestpossible and to have the bestit can.reporter: heart brokento some already caused insecurity toothers.Carlos: It’s fine.jessica: there are those who say thatthis love surpasses thescreens.

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