Foreclosures drop 5% in 2022 after two years of skyrocketing


In full inflationary pressure, the number of foreclosures on habitual residences has been located in a 11,556 in 2022, a 5% less than in 2021, according to the foreclosure statistics published this Monday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

With this decrease, foreclosures on habitual residences put an end to two consecutive years of double-digit increases, after in 2021 and 2020 will shoot up 60.3% and 41.6%, respectively. During the fourth quarter of 2022, 3,049 foreclosures were registered on habitual residences, 50.8% more than in the previous quarter, but 7.9% less than in the fourth quarter of 2021.

In what type of housing have they presented a greater decrease?

The main objective of this INE statistic is to offer, on a quarterly basis, the number of foreclosure certificates initiated and registered in the Property Registries during the reference quarter. Statistics remember that not all foreclosures end with release (eviction) from their owners.

In 2022, 25,551 foreclosures were initiated, a 22.3% less than in 2021. Of these, 24,288 affected urban farms (which include homes) and 1,263 rustic farms. Foreclosures on urban properties fell by 22.2% compared to 2021.

Within urban farms, 16,851 executions corresponded to homes, one 18.6% less than in 2021and of these 14,148 were executions on houses of natural persons, figure 6.5% lower to that of 2021. For their part, foreclosures on houses of legal personss decreased by up to 51.3% last year, standing at around 2,703, while those carried out on solar fell 33% and totaled 640.

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