Five factory workers win EuroMillions after playing for 10 years


Some players of the different lottery and EuroMillions draws decide to bet every week in an almost religious way. This habit causes many to develop other customs such as always choose the same numbers or even sign up for online applications so that the purchase of a new ticket is done automatically.

A group of employees of a factory in the town of Mosellein the eastern part of France, has managed win a million euros after more than 10 years of betting together. In fact, as pointed out in the newspaper Republicain Lorreinthese players they always play with the same numbers that they chose more than a decade ago.

Last Friday, January 13, they became the lucky ones of this additional EuroMillions drawknown as ‘El Millón’, so although they have received a total of 1 million euros, they will have to distribute it among the five participants, keeping €200,000 each. According to the winners, “they continue to lead a normal but more comfortable life.”

They played Euromillions to stop working

The lucky five and co-workers have assured that this gambling habit had a purpose, which was nothing more than achieve a good boat that would allow them to stop working. Throughout the 10 years they have been gambling, they have never had any luck until now, so they have preferred to remain anonymous.

The most curious thing is that none of them go to a lottery administration every week to get their ticket, but play by subscription. This is why they are unable to remember the winning numbers that they picked in early 2010.

One of the participants assures that they only remember the combination once they go to check their result and the day they won, the owner of the tobacconist told them that they could not collect the prize because it was too high a figure. When he told his friends about it, they thought he was joking, but they finally went to the offices of the French National Lottery to cash the millionaire check.

Although the figure of 200,000 euros that each one has won It is not enough to be able to retire earlyThey say it will make life easier for their families. “I’m not going to buy a luxury car or go on a trip, but we have all been able to give money to our children. When you get a prize like this, the ideal is that several families benefit, so it’s very good, “says the spokesperson for the group of winners.

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