Feijóo promises less taxes for startups and values ​​entrepreneurs


Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the leader of the Popular Party, stated this Thursday that Spain is in a “moment of economic stagnation“, at the same time that he has criticized the “triumphalism” of the Executive led by Pedro Sánchez when the country has not recovered the GDP of 2019, there is a high unemployment rate and the purchasing power of families has decreased.

In his understanding, the “medical history” of the country “It is not good“Therefore, it is not true that the Spanish economy is like a motorcycle,” Feijóo highlighted, a few days after the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has affirmed that the Spanish economy is going like “a motorcycle” and that the OECD has raised the growth of Spain’s GDP to 2.1% in 2023 and to 1.9% in 2024.

In his speech at the South Summit 2023 in Madrid, the president of the PP has asked “realism” and has pointed out that those who say that food is beginning to go down is that “it has been a long time since they have made the purchase.” “We are not well. The Spanish economy is stagnant “, she emphasized.

Feijóo has insisted that the “clinic history” of Spain at the moment “is not good”. “We are in a moment of economic stagnation. Even the most pessimistic believe that we are in a moment of economic decline”, she stated, to remind that they have not yet recovered the GDP of 2019, there is a high unemployment rateespecially women and youth, citizens have lost purchasing power and disposable family income has fallen.

Along these lines, the ‘popular’ leader has advocated for “think about growth to get out of the situation” in which Spain finds itself. In his opinion, “either we grow or we fall further behind” and, in this scenario, companies play a fundamental role. For Feijóo, a country “is known ” for “the brands of their companies”. “They are not going to hear from me a disqualification towards the people who undertake”, he said, before assuring that if the entrepreneurs “earn money”, he will be “very satisfied” that they can “to collaborate“with society to finance Education or Health. Of course, “with proportionate taxes”.

Challenges for Spain for 2030

Feijóo has reflected on the challenges of Spain for 2030, “what is tomorrow“, on the economic level and, after his diagnosis, he believes that “there is only one possibility: to grow”. “But healthy growth, not financed by debt and not employment growth thanks to public employment”, he added, although he did He has shown himself in favor of increasing public employment in Health, Education, Defense or the Interior.

The ‘popular’ leader has emphasized that his approach It is based on “realism, educational reforms or those aimed at controlling the country’s accounts, among others, and collaboration.” In addition, it has promised to streamline the Administration, to an Education “with little ideology and high quality”, to a “better spending orientation public”, to provide “fiscal incentives for those who take real risks”, to a tax system that manages to increase employment and recruitment and to favor business dynamism.

The role of startups

Feijóo has also referred to the recent approval of the Startup Law, that the PP supported. In the first place, he wanted to focus on the assertions that the Government “has had an opposition that has not collaborated” with him and has given the example of precisely that initiative, which went ahead with consensus. On the other hand, he has promised to “develop it” if it governs, speeding up regulatory development to favor the creation of this type of company or creating a forum for emerging companies, among other proposals.

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