Feijóo offers the votes of the PP to raise the SMI and reform the law of ‘only yes is yes’



The “popular” president demands shock measures against underlying inflation and complains that the Government does not inform the opposition of the great issues of State

Elas Bendodo, Alberto Nez Feijo and Cuca Gamarra, in the National Committee of the PP.EFE
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The PP anticipated that Spain in 2023 it will look into the abyss of recession, but that omen has proven to be unsuccessful. The economy has held up much better than the leadership expected popularbut Alberto Nez Feijo believes that “the Government cannot be installed in this triumphalism”, since underlying inflation – the one that discounts the prices of energy and perishable food – has risen to 7.5%.

“In the last year, food and housing expenses -water, electricity or gas- have risen by around 20%” and “23%” the price of clothing and footwear, lamented the leader of the opposition during his speech before the barons, in the National Executive Committee of the PP.

For this reason, Feijo has insisted this Monday on his proposal to sign, together with the PSOE and the social agents, “an income pact” that includes an increase in the “interprofessional minimum wage” and “the wages of middle incomes”, to combat ” the “cumulative escalation” of prices and “the spiral of inflation of the second round”.

“The Government has to get to work on an agreement that Sánchez promised in March 2021,” he said, but without providing data on how much he would like wages to be revalued. It is something, they point out in his team, that must be negotiated at the rental agreement table.

Feijo has also offered the votes of his party to reform the Law of just s is s in Congress. “This law has caused so much pain to the victims that it is unacceptable for the government to continue broadcasting its discrepancies in real time,” the president of the main opposition party has made ugly.

“The only thing that fits is an immediate rectification. And if Mr. Sánchez does not find support for that in his partners, he will find it in the alternative that we represent”, he stressed. “I guarantee my support for the modification of the Law on just s is s immediately, whether or not it has support in its Council of Ministers or in Congress”, he reiterated.

In fact, faced with the “errors” of the law of just s is sthe PP has used a new slogan this Monday on the screen placed behind Feijo at the PP headquarters: “Win sos.”

No communication with Sánchez

At a time when the popular Tongues are spread about the possible incorporation of Begoa Villacs, Feijo has limited himself to ensuring that the PP will present “the best candidates and the best projects”, and advocating “the unity of those of us who share values ​​and concerns”, in a veiled reference to the unification of the center-right vote.

Feijo has also complained about the lack of information from the Government to the opposition in the sending of Leopard tanks to Ukraine and before “a supposed terrorist attack” like the one in Algeciras. “It would not be acceptable in any country in Europe.” “There is a before and after of the consensus with Sánchez. Rajoy in two years contacted Rubalcaba eight times and seven times with Sánchez in less than a year”, he defended, while Sánchez barely spoke to him through the CGPJ, he said .

For this reason, he has underlined his “commitment” that he will share “content” with the opposition leader if he comes to the Moncloa. Spain “needs to return to the channel of institutional respect” and needs “collaboration” between the big parties, he said. “It is not late. Another Spain is possible, and another path in Spanish politics.” “Given the contempt with which they treat us, we will continue to offer institutional loyalty, proposals, seriousness and unity”, he concluded.

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