Feijóo launches the pre-campaign with a message about Vox: “The PP will not allow itself to be subjected to the minorities that bypass us”


Introduce regional candidates


He assures that they are the “constitutionalist party that Spain has left” and affirms that any vote for the “candidates of Sanchismo” is “propping up Sánchez”

Feijo greets with the regional PP candidates behind himJAVIER BELVEREFE

Alberto Nez Feijo launches the pre-campaign of the PP for the regional and municipal elections on May 28 with a resounding warning about Vox: his party is presenting itself to “govern from the majority” and it will not allow itself to be “subdued” by the “minorities”. to “circumvalate” them. has been one of his central messages at the PP convention in Zaragoza, in which the leader popular It has sought to promote the 12 regional candidates for those elections and the two candidates for the cities of Ceuta and Melilla. A family photo that marks the inauguration of a long campaign of five months.

“We do not want to lead a block of parties,” Feijo said. “What we want is to govern for a society. We went out to win, not to speculate with the result. We aspire to govern from the majority, not to be influential minorities, nor to allow ourselves to submit to the minorities that surround us,” he proclaimed.

This message about Vox comes in full controversy over the measures for pregnant women that are going to be applied in Castilla y León. Vox sold them as anti-abortionists but the PP, with the president Alfonso Fernndez Maueco to the head, it has disavowed both that it is the objective and it has qualified the form in which sas are going to be applied. None for women who want to terminate their pregnancy.

This focus has distorted the preview of a convention focused on propelling the first stage of Feijo’s career towards the generals, which have the first flying goal in the regional and municipal ones. The leader of the PP has trusted the impulse of that meeting to achieve a “political change” in Spain in all areas for “a question of honesty, dignity and morality”, since Pedro Sánchez “is not to be trusted” and “has broken his word.”

Hence, precisely in Aragón, the land of Javier Lambán, he has sent a clear message that there are no candidates within the PSOE who are oblivious to Sánchez or his policies, nor do they go it alone. “Any vote for the Sanchismo candidates is to prop up Sánchez,” he warned, either in town halls or in autonomous communities. Words that he has pronounced on a stage in which the 14 PP candidates and the other regional presidents of the party who do not have elections were present.

That appeal to the socialist voter has also been repeated at the time of closing his speech. Feijo has designated the PP as “the constitutionalist party that Spain has left”. For this reason, and given the reductions in embezzlement or alliances with the independence movement, by which many voters may feel “deceived”, the leader of the PP has warned the PSOE that the “vast majority” of his voters continue “to want the Constitution” and that they would continue to vote for it if there were a referendum. “We ask them to vote for the PP in the next general, regional and municipal elections”, he exclaimed.

The president of the PP has humorously taken the speculation launched from Ferraz that if the popular they lose the May elections, Feijo will not present himself as a candidate for Moncloa and that it will be Isabel Daz Ayuso. With irony, she has assured that in the PSOE they are “correct” when they say that he is going to stop “being a candidate”, because “very soon” he will lose that role to become “president of the Spaniards”.

During the closing of the convention, Feijo has contrasted two ways of governing. Faced with a president who has “deceived” and “failed” his electoral promises, the leader of the PP has displayed his own “style manual” to “put sanity where foolishness rules; put the majority where the minority rules; put a word where deceit rules, show respect where insults rule; put the PP where Sánchez rules”.

For Feijo, Sánchez insults everyone who disagrees with him and has crossed a “border” because he presents decisions to everyone who is not in favor, labeling him as being from the “ultra-right”. He has used irony to attract attention because, then, “if all those who do not support his decisions are from the far right, Sánchez has several far-right ministers, he has many people in his far-right party and the Sánchez of 2019 would be an extreme far-right in the eyes of the Sánchez of 2022”.

The PP convention, held in Zaragoza to promote the candidacy of Jorge Azcn in Aragon, launches the pre-campaign with the conspiracy of the entire party to promote a “political change” in May that later, in autumn, will also move to Moncloa.

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