Feijóo encourages the PP to win “absolutely” and affirms that “the street has abandoned Sánchez”



The leader of the ‘populares’ charges against the government’s economic discourse: “Every day since they came to power it has cost us 200 million in public debt”

Photos presentation of candidates from provincial capitals of the PP.PP

The leader of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo, has defended the political project of the PP defining it as the “project of Spain” and “that of the Constitution.” the prelude to another “absolute majority” in front of the nation.In his opinion, “the street has abandoned Pedro Sánchez” and “the people will not let themselves be bought by his checkbook or by his lies.”

Feijo has defined the project of the popular as the one that represents “the diverse majority” that defends the democracy that was born in 1978 and has committed itself to unwaveringly defending the general interest, going out “to win everywhere with arguments and management”, to “win not to win but to to convince”, and has assured that he “will not govern with anyone but with the people”.

Feijo He has devoted most of his intervention to the economy, knowing that this field will be one of those that he tries to monopolize. sanchez in the long electoral campaign that has already begun.

“Sanchismo boasts of the economy and says that we are doing well but we are the economy that is furthest from the economic growth of 2019, we have double the unemployment rate in the EU and boasts of management when it has surpassed the public debt record.” That means that each day Sánchez’s mandate has cost the Spanish 200 million euros of public debt per day.

Feijo has also insisted that we have never had such a population at risk of poverty in all of history and has accused the Prime Minister of presuming to lower inflation, although the only proposals, he has said, that have worked are those that the Government has copied “late” from the proposals of the PP.

The popular leader then alluded to the alliances that Sánchez maintains to remain in power and has influenced the comparison that the president has made between the secessionist protest in Barcelona last Thursday and the constitutionalist mobilization yesterday Saturday in Madrid.

“The people and the streets have abandoned Sánchez,” he assured before running for office as the politician who will lead “the change.” “Sánchez tries to cover up the scandal in the morning with the one in the afternoon, but no one”, he stated, “will be able to erase that he continues to sleep with Podemos and that without them he could not sleep, that Bildu and ERC are the mainstays of his Government, which has lowered the sentences for the crimes of embezzlement and that he is the author of the greatest setback in the defense of women in democratic history”. “We,” he insisted, “we won’t forget any of this.”

“If they try to wear us down it’s because they see us strong, if they try to discredit us it’s because they know that every day more people believe in us and if they want to clamp down on us it’s because they see that we are capable of convincing the majority. We will not give in to any blackmail and We will reverse all the outrages they have done. I will not do anything different from what I commit to as a candidate,” he said.

Feijo He will present his democratic regeneration program tomorrow to “undo the excesses” of the Sanchista government. He will do so in the Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, in Cádiz, where the Constitution of 1812 was signed.

The leader popular He has asked his candidates “to overcome mistrust and dedicate themselves exclusively to union and not to division and lies.” To do otherwise, she has warned, would be “useless to the general interest.”

Feijo He recalled that “the vote is not forever and that trust must be earned every day” and he insisted that “this time there can be no vote given to Sánchez because he doesn’t deserve it.” “We do not give any vote for won or for lost”, she has affirmed, despite admitting that sanchez “He has a huge public checkbook, the institutions at his service and no qualms about lying.” Faced with this, he has assured that he is convinced that “Spain It won’t let itself be bought.”

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