Feijóo bets on the ‘priority’ relationship with Morocco but “without fooling anyone”


The decisive moment of this electoral campaign is approaching, and the candidates for the presidency of the Government are outlining their latest plans if they are victorious. The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has assured that if he governs he will try to maintain a “priority” relationship with Morocco and affirms that it will be an “open, loyal and respectful” relationship, but “without deceiving anyone”.

“Lets try restore respect between a neighboring and important country. We will try to speak with the rigor that international relations need. we will work with them but I am not going to deceive Morocco nor the Spanish“, he stated this Saturday in an interview with the COPE.

The leader of the PP has insisted that does not know “anything” of the commitments by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, with Morocco, and he informed the Moroccan Prime Minister, Aziz Ajanuch, of this at a European meeting in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

“I told him that if he wanted to inform me I would give him my opinion, but since I don’t know the subject I have not been able to speak. He was surprised, but that’s the way the facts are and I’m not going to lie to the Spanish who already they have been without information for a long time and with some tricks”, he explained.

Economic measures

Feijóo, in economic matterhas promised that the PP will be “prudent” in its demonstrations and electoral commitments, and has reiterated that they will lower the income tax for people with less than 40,000 euros, a measure that it will take in its first 100 days, as it has stated, and they will study reduce VAT of meat, fish and preserves “temporarily”.

During the interview, which has mainly addressed issues related to agriculture, Feijóo se has promised to “return” to talk about a National Water Plan and a strategic network of 40,000 million euros in the next six years because he has indicated that it is a “first national problem”. “I think that at this moment it is essential for a good part of the agri-food industry in our country”, he stressed.

Feijóo has recognized that the PP is “quite concerned” with agriculture, especially with the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), because it has indicated that “can” and “should” be improved and there is scope in the EU to do so. “It is necessary to propose a transfer of funds from the Rural Development Pillar to the Direct Aid Pillar to make the greatest possible amount of aid available directly to farmers. The CAP must be directed towards professional agriculture”, he assured.

The defense of the wolf is “nonsense”

On the other hand, Feijóo has branded the defense of the wolf as a “nonsense” because it causes a lot of problems, particularly in the Cantabrian mountain range, and has maintained that it will try to find a “balance” and will not maintain the policy of “outrageous” protection of the wolf.

The popular leader has assured that he has a “huge” respect for the people who feed the Spanish every day, and has lamented that, during the pandemic, they were “praised a lot”. “On the other hand, now, we have forgotten them with the same intensity,” he highlighted.

“Our production capacity, if we have water, can be increased intensely. Livestock must have a space in industrial production of our country. We have excellent meat, which is quality protein and about fishing, we are the first country in terms of fishing power in the European Union and it is a situation that we can never abandon”, he claimed.

Proposals for the ‘Empty Spain’

Finally, regarding depopulation, Feijóo has commented that he will carry out a positive discriminatory fiscal policy for the people and companies that settle in the rural world, At the same time, there will be a conciliation policy for minors and adults who stay in the towns. “We need to economically reactivate the rural area to maintain at least the population, and if possible, increase it”, she has sentenced.

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