Feijóo agrees to reduce VAT and personal income tax for low incomes: “otherwise, I would have lied”


The start of the electoral campaign forces the candidates to leave their skin to make it clear what they will be his first steps at the head of the Government. For his part, the leader of the PP and candidate in the general elections on July 23, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has actively and passively assured that he is committed to approving a VAT reduction on meat and fish. In addition, another of his first performances will entail a reduction in personal income tax on workers’ income and the middle class with an income of less than 40,000 euros

“If I don’t lower the IRPF to the middle and more modest classes or I don’t lower the VAT on meat, fish and canned food temporarily, they can say that i lied“He stated this Sunday in an interview with The reasoncollected by Europa Press.

Feijóo aspires to a clear victory

Feijóo points out that his main objective, in case of governing, is to “unite” the Spanish, an idea that is the one that “takes the most sleep” from him. “If the Spanish They give me a clear mandate to rule, I won’t let them down. I will, of course, admit any result with sportsmanship, but what is keeping me up at night today is getting the majority necessary to open a new chapter in the history of Spain, based on consistency, stability and honesty. And recover State policies “, she pointed out.

Among other measures, Feijóo stresses that will reinstate the crime of sedition, and the same with classifying the crime of illegal referendum or recovering the crime of embezzlement. “If I don’t, I’m lying,” she warns. “In everything that has to do with the defense of the integrity of the State, honor in the management of public funds or strict compliance with the Constitution, there is no room for rectification,” he insisted.

In economic matters, the leader of the PP defends that he will lower personal income tax for the lowest incomes because “Spain cannot continue to be the OECD country that has lost the most disposable family income.”

It distances itself from Vox regarding LGTBI rights and sexist violence

During the interview with the aforementioned media, Feijóo has distanced himself from Vox on issues related to the LGTBI collective and sexist violenceand affirms that Abascal’s party is “confused” on these issues and stresses that he does not share his speech and does not believe that many laps should be given on this matter.

“In Spain there are sexist crimes, as in the whole world. As for the LGTBI collective, it deserves to be recognized your rights and freedoms, of course. And we have done it and we will continue to do it. Therefore, I do not know if Vox’s position is an electoral strategy, but I do not agree with it and it will be outside the actions of the PP governments”, he indicated. In this regard, he adds that the rights of the collective are “enshrined” in the Constitution. “The right to sexual freedom is a right enshrined in the Constitution and we have always protected it in our policies”, she has sentenced.

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