Fear in Moncloa that the candidacies with ETA members will promote the right


The controversy follows the Prime Minister to the White House, where he had to face several questions: “There are things that may be legal, but they are not decent”

The general coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, with the candidate for the presidency of the Government of Navarra, Laura Aznal.sayEFE
  • Justice The Prosecutor’s Office will have to decide whether to investigate the Bildu lists with 44 convicted of terrorism
  • Congress Vox recovers the proposal to outlaw Bildu in the face of the controversy of the ETA members on lists

After a few initial steps of hesitation, where the matter was dodged or an answer was avoided, the Government’s approach has changed, aware of the wear and tear that the inclusion in the electoral lists by EH Bildu, a partner of governance of La Moncloa, of 44 convicted of terrorism. An issue that monopolizes this start and that has truncated La Moncloa’s strategy of lowering the ball to the playing field of the economy and the measures that it is promoting in Minister council in terms of housing, education or against drought. The change of third, marking distance and condemning Bildu’s decision – incomprehensible, it is an offense to the victims – seeks to try to do damage control in the face of an issue that bothers and worries the PSOE.

The controversy followed the President of the Government to the White House, where he had to face several questions from journalists on this matter. “There are things that may be legal, but they are not decent. And this is one of them,” said Pedro Sánchez. “The only thing these people can bring is a message of forgiveness, reparation and repentance,” he added, trying to distance himself.

La Moncloa wanted to talk about the economy and its initiatives and social investments. And the socialist candidates of the management of him, flee as far as possible from the national key. But this week, everyone must answer the question of what they think Bildu has on his lists 44 convicted of terrorism, seven of them for blood crimes, overshadowing any proposal, measure or electoral performance.

In the Government and in the PSOE they have decided to try to stop with a firm criticism this decision of the formation abertzale, since it is assumed that a scenario has been opened in which the PP is granted a flank of attack and wear and tear with an issue that was not expected to be an element of the debate. An opportunity is granted for what is considered a partner’s error. Because the Socialists defend agreeing with Bildu, as happens in Congress, but integrating those convicted of terrorism as candidates is a boomerang that can end up hitting them.

I don’t like Bildu’s lists, but I am a democrat and, therefore, what worries me is that the PP always puts ETA in all electoral campaigns, stated John Swordsleader of the PSOE in Andalusia.

It is remarkable how the socialist ministers want to throw water on this fire, standing out. It is absolutely incomprehensible. I don’t know which leaders of a political party may consider or want to do harm to the victims and go back, the vice president said yesterday in Santiago Nadia Calvio.

It is difficult for anyone who has caused pain to then be able to manage local life in a certain Town Hall or in a certain place. It is an offense to the victims and it must be said without any complex, the minister deepened Daisy Roblesvery critical of Bildu’s decision from the start.

For the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaskathe inclusion in the lists of those convicted of terrorism is a contempt for democracy and a serious damage to the victims of terrorism.

And in the midst of the controversy, Pedro Sánchez will star in a party act next Monday in Vitoria. It will be the third square that he visits in his campaign, giving importance to both the site and the political moment and context.

But if the government tries to contain a possible leak, the socialist barons rush to build a wall, in order to prevent water from flooding their land. The situation is what they wanted to avoid: that the affairs of the Government, of Madrid, overshadow their campaigns. Forcefulness to curb restlessness and concern. It disgusts me, it disgusts me and all I can say is little, I censor Adrian Barbn, President of Asturias. It disgusts me, I insisted Guillermo Fernndez Vara. For Ximo PuigBildu’s decision is amoral.

The barons mark distances. They do not want their management, their main argument to claim the vote, to be clouded by this issue. Javier Lambn, president of Aragon, who has already requested that the PSOE break relations with Bildu, anticipated yesterday that he is going to propose this measure to the PSOE bodies. He believes that his training should break any kind of relationship with a political force that includes assassins on its lists.

Like the Government, the socialist leaders know that Bildu’s decision opens a waterway in their band of socialist candidates and grants a trick of attack and wear to the PP. That the popular ones already take advantage of. Alberto Nez Feijo used Bildu’s decision to surround all the socialist candidates, asking them if they were going to remain silent. No one has an iota of dignity left to say to Sánchez, ‘This is as far as we have come, break that pact or we will leave the party’? He popular appeals to disgruntled Snchez voters.

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