FC Barcelona: Xavi’s tactical madness

“Xavi makes intelligent substitutions. He is continually adjusting his team. It’s not easy”. These words of Rafa Bentez They summarize the night of intense work that the Barcelona coach had to endure to react to a game that became very difficult.

Xavi made up to five changes, only one obligatory: that of Gavi for himFrenkie de Jong injured. His first intervention was with two substitutions after the break. And with them, the first major tactical modification. Ronald Araujo and Lamine Yamal They were the triggers after passing through the locker room. Marcos Alonso and Oriol Romeu remained on the bench. That is to say, a center back and a winger entered and a left back and a defensive pivot left.

Three center backs and Ferran and Lamine as wingers

Bara faced that second half, as a result of these modifications, with a three-centre defensewith the aforementioned Laminate and Ferran Torres like false lanes and I cancel positioned as a midfielder next to Gavi. Inside they also appeared Joao Flix and Gndogan. The latter as a hook with Lewandowski.

That drawing suffered a twist when, fifteen minutes later, it came into play Bucket to replace Christensen. The line of three was maintained but now that left center back had a very clear offensive vocation, which began to move Ferran slightly towards the center. Members gathered in the central area to find corridors that previously seemed closed.

Raphinha inside

The reaction did not come and Xavi took sides again, bringing on Raphinha. Was going Ferran and the positions once again suffered variations. The Brazilian was positioned between Lamine and Lewandowski, somewhat delaying Gndogan’s position and leaving the left lane free for Balde’s additions.

Bara, in short, ended up with up to five attacking players (Gndogan, Joao Flix, Raphinha, Lamine Yamal and Lewandowski) and a single midfielder -Gavi- to complete an unexpected comeback. The more interventionist Xavi arranged the necessary elements on the green to find solutions.

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