FC Barcelona: Xavi begins to get nervous


ANDThe Barça coach recognized him as soon as the game against Intercity finished: “This match leaves me uneasy”. And there is no shortage of reasons. His team has not just started and he repeats mistakes from one game to another. If against Espanyol the coach complained that his players did not know how to close the match, against Intercity the situation was traced. Despite the four goals I scored at the end, Barcelona failed much more than necessary.

Good game in the first half

And, above all, he was not successful when he played well. Because the first part in Alicante was remarkable: dominance and control of the ball, they barely conceded a chance to the opponent, good circulation… They missed what Barcelona missed so many times this season, which is in the hit on goal. In that first half he had the arrival and chances to go very quiet at halftime, especially one from Ferran when time was running out. “The Espanyol thing was a warning, now the second has arrived,” said the coach at the conclusion.

Ferran complains about a missed opportunity.EFE

Another team

What was not in the script was the defensive debacle of the second half. He was an unrecognizable Bara. Coincidence or not, Araujo was sitting down and the Catalans became another team. They lacked forcefulness in the aerial game. A Kound and Jordi Alba. It is true that it is not his forte, but mistakes are paid. also Mark Alonso He was loose in the crash that cost the third.

Bara had to make an extra effort to overcome the game. Xavi changed the entire forward. He needed four goals to defeat Intercity, something that was not planned at all in the game script.

Ansu Fati celebrates his goal.

Ansu Fati celebrates his goal.LAPRESSE

Atlético de Madrid is coming

The Barcelona group has to improve if it wants to compete at the highest level and Sunday comes an Atlético that is going to demand it. Alicante’s mistakes are there, we will have to see if they have learned from them. Because from yesterday’s game you can also take positive aspects. Above all, the return of Ronald Araujo. A piece of news for Xavi. The strength of the Uruguayan at all levels is vitamin for the team.

Pablo Torre also offered good sensations, but you have to give him time. Ansu Fati scored again and that is also good news, especially considering that Lewandowski is not going to be available for the next three games.

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