FC Barcelona: Xavi and Bara: they don’t agree on money

TO early March Joan Laporta He was very clear in a public act when he announced that he wanted to renew Xavi Hernndez’s contract. The team had just achieved an excellent result in the first leg of the Cup semifinals against Real Madrid and was beginning to have a significant point difference in the League over the white team. Everything was going smoothly and the president released that ad when the technician has one year left on his contract.

Laporta: “We have to renew Xavi because he defends the genuine style we have at Bara”

first contact

A few weeks ago there was a first meeting between the Barcelona Sports Department and the player’s agents to formally convey to them the desire to renew Xavi for two more seasons. In this way, the coach will have a contract until the end of the president’s term which ends in 2026. So far so good, but things will not be so simple.

Your cache has gone up

When the parties began to talk about money, they realized that the differences were very large. Xavi has asked for a very powerful salary increase compared to what you are charging at this time. According to some sources, they put it at something more than double what he currently receives. And to Barcelona the coach’s requests caught him off guard since the economic situation of the club is not the best.

Simeone, on the Atl bench

Simeone, on the bench of Atlético de Madrid.EFE

The best paid

However, what Xavi is asking for is not an exaggeration and his requests have nothing to do with what other coaches like Simeone, Guardiola or Klopp who are the best paid are charging. The Liverpool coach, who is the third on the list, is over 17 million euros a year. The technician who is not asking for an amount like that, much less.

Xavi’s effort to reach Bara

Xavi made a very big bet to come to Barcelona a year and a half ago. He then was working in Qatar and to be able to sign for the Barça club he paid half of his freedom. Al-Sadd asked for 5 million euros to free his coach and that amount was paid 50 percent between the club and Xavi. In addition, the token that he is collecting at the moment is totally out of the market to be the Barcelona coach.

Joan Laporta and Xavi Hern

Joan Laporta and Xavi Hernndez.FCB

Comparative Torts

Xavi gave in at that moment because there was no more Fair Play. The Barça club could not offer him more money. However, now the situation has changed and the technician is asking for what he deserves for cache and because he alsocome to the negotiation with the League under his arm. It must be taken into account that a large part of the staff is charging more than the technician and that is not fair to him. Xavi, after what he has done, has to charge more than players like Kessie or Christensen, for example.

In the next few days there will be new meetings to continue with the negotiations. Apart from a summit between the coach and the president, their representatives will have to speak with Mateu Alemany. And although there is a good predisposition on both sides to reach an agreement, there is no rush considering that He has one more year left on his contract.

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