FC Barcelona: What is missing for Barça to have the best defense of all time?

ANDhe Barcelona managed to leave a clean sheet again, this time against the Atletico Madrid. Historically, the barca It has not been a team defined by its defensive security, but that has changed this season. The team of Xaviwhich already has the qualification of League at his fingertips, he has grown from his tremendous defensive performances. It has been the base on which the coach has built a champion squad.

The Catalans have managed to leave the a clean sheet in 23 of the 30 days what we take from League, a figure that speaks volumes about how difficult it is being to score against them this season. Of course, the record is still far away. That was the number of games without conceding that he signed claudio bravo in a whole season.

With this panorama, a question begins to seem less far-fetched with each passing week. do you have this Barcelona the best defense of all time? How is that measured? If we establish that the best way to weigh something like this is the number of goals conceded, it is not nonsense to put the barca among the best in history.

Following this criterion, the best defense in the major European leagues was that of Chelsea of Jose Mourinhowhich ended the Premier League 04-05 with only 15 goals conceded. With cech in goal and defensive legends like Terry, Gallas, Carvalho or Ferreirathat squad marked an era in the English league.

Xavi praises Araujo: “He is one of the best defenders in the world”

Therefore, taking that team as a reference, the barca It is in their hands to match or improve that record and therefore become the best defensive team in history. For that, he would need to concede only six or less goals in the eight games that remain to be played.

Bearing in mind that to date they have conceded a goal every three games (approximately), the culés have all the ballots to do so. If so, the line composed of Ter Stegen; Koundé, Araujo, Christensen and Balde would engrave his name in the history of this sport.

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