FC Barcelona: The World | Negreira sent a proposal to Barcelona in 2020: “I can help you with the VAR”


ANDThe world continues to offer information about the so-called ‘Negreira case‘, the payments that for almost two decades the Barça club made the vice president of the technical committee of referees Jose Mara Enrquez Negreira. on this occasion this is a message sent by Negreira in 2020when the decision had already been made to cease their collaboration two years ago.

I can help you with the VAR, with me you would have done better“, Enrquez Negreira proposed to the club in that season stopped by the coronavirus and that was decided in a final to the sprint in which Real Madrid emerged victorious. Barcelona complained about the performance of the VAR in that campaign and that was when the offer from the former vice president of the CTA arrived.

“If you are interested, contact us,” says El Mundo, which was the final sentence of the offer that reached the club. According to this information, the continuous threatening messages had fed up the Barcelona leaders, who ignored the proposal.

You can read the complete information in El Mundo

The Prosecutor denounces Barcelona for continued corruption

This Tuesday it has been known that the Prosecutor’s Office has decided to denounce Barcelona for continued corruption in sport due to payments to Jos Mara Enrquez Negreira. The complaint will point to the club as responsible for the crime and also to the former president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The Prosecutor accuse the Barça club of corruption in businessa crime that came into force with the criminal reform of 2010 and that includes fraud in the sports field and the complaint will now go to a Barcelona court after collecting the conclusions reached by the agents of the National Police Corps during the investigation.

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