FC Barcelona: “The Prosecutor does not provide any proof of purchase of referees”


The Prosecutor presented a complaint this Friday to the Investigating Court number 1 of Barcelona for which he accuses the former presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, the former executives Scar Grau and Albert Soler, Enrquez Negreira and FC Barcelona as a legal person of various crimes. They are accused of paying money to Enrquez Negreira so that he the referees favored Barcelona which is a crime of sports corruption and they are also accused of unfair administration and false commercial documents.

However, once this complaint, to which this newspaper has had access, has been analyzed by various jurists, The Prosecutor does not provide evidence about any of these crimes. The most obvious is to pay the referees to favor Barcelona. The complaint says the following:

Rosell, Bartomeu and, in the background, Scar Grau.LONG PACO

The accusation of the former presidents

“Through Presidents Rosell and Bartomeu, the FCB reached and maintained a strictly confidential verbal agreement with the denounced Enrquez Negreira, so that, in his capacity as Vice President of the CTA and in exchange for money, carry out actions tending to favor the FCB in the decision-making of the referees in the matches played by the Club, and thus in the results of the competitions; referees whose designation for each game of the official Spanish competitions of state and professional scope are carried out within the CTA, body in charge, in addition, of the evaluations -in which the accused participated- for promotions and demotions of referees, as well as the proposal of candidates for international arbitrators”.

There is no evidence in the complaint

However, no evidence is provided to support this accusation. “In all the complaint there is no proof or indication that they have been bought from the referees. As of today they are conjectures. But without evidence, the defendants cannot be convicted of this chapter,” the lawyer told MARCA Philip Left. Other lawyers understand that as long as there is no testimony or documentary evidence, the purchase accusation “does not stand.”

Felipe Izquierdo when he was lawyer for partner Jordi Casas in the Neymar case.

Felipe Izquierdo when he was lawyer for partner Jordi Casas in the Neymar case.lex caparrs

missing documentation

Where there is evidence of crime is in the accusations for unfair administration and falsification of a commercial document. In the first, it seems that it is evident that an exorbitant price was paid for a series of services that could not be accredited. “The Enrquez Negreira companies issued invoices that were submitted for collection to the FCB without them responding to any real provision or technical advisory services.” The complaint says that it adds that when Barcelona was asked to hand over the documents, the response was that “required documentation not found”.


Regarding the crime of falsifying a commercial document, the complaint makes it clear that there were invoices and that they were collected, but without proving their purpose. “Said invoices do not correspond to services rendered by the aforementioned companies due to the lack of proof that would prove the reality of the activity carried out by those.

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