FC Barcelona: The CSD will also appear in the ‘Negreira case’


ANDhe Negreira case continues to bring a tail and, in this case, it has been the Higher Sports Council (CSD) that has already made the decision to take action on the matter and take a step forward.

This has been confirmed by the president of the sports institution, José Manuel Franco, during an intervention in the AR program, confirming that the CSD appear to ask for responsibilities before Justice.

“We will appear in person,” admitted Franco, who had already stated that, once the work was completed by the Public Prosecutor, the CSD would act “with the greatest forcefulness“.

However, the CSD leader points out: “in an opportune moment”. “The Prosecutor’s Office has denounced before the Investigating Court, and she has to admit it for processing. At the moment that this occurs, we will appear in this cause“.

one more on the list

The Higher Sports Council joins the list of institutions and clubs that have joined the Prosecutor’s Office, once it consummated its decision to denounce. Together with the CSD, the highest sports institution linked to the Government of the nationThey have already announced that they will present themselves as a private prosecution.

At first, all the teams signed except Real Madrid, although yesterday the white team already released a statement in which they also has decided to take action and appear against Barcelona.


We have let the institutions work, and they are working. We follow the logical process. This is not good for Spanish sport. What is bad for football is bad for Spanish sport” acknowledges José Manuel Franco, who also admits that it is an ugly subject but it is a discredit for Spanish football.

“What I would ask Joan Laporta is to know what has happened. The social mass of Barcelona I think it deserves an explanation“, has requested the leader of the CSD.

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