FC Barcelona: Leverage in sight: Messi closer?


LThe sports planning of the next season happens because Barcelona get 200 million, either in the form of income or with the reduction of expenses. As this newspaper has already reported, that is now the great objective of the club, which is preparing an economic viability plan that it will present to LaLiga shortly. If the employer gives the go-ahead, the club will be able to go to the market with certain guarantees and, above all, try to make Messi’s return real.

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25% sale

And for this, the club has been working for months on the sale of 24% of Barça Studios. The previous season he already sold 25% to Orpheus Media, the company of Jaume Roures for a value of 100 million of euros. It was the fourth lever that the club executed to get out of the serious financial situation in which it found itself then. Now he plans to sell the other percentage that already approved by the Assembly so the operation can be executed at any time.

Jaume Roures, during a conference.

Jaume Roures, during a conference.APO CABALLERO

Can be sold up to 49%

The club works on two assumptions. On the one hand it would be the sale of that remaining 24%. There are two expert companies in the production of audiovisual content that are interested in that percentage. And they pay more than the 100 million that the club entered a year ago for 25%. The Board knows that they could get more money at that time for a quarter of Barça Studios, but time was pressing. He urgently needed to sell to clean up his financial situation and go to the market.

The percentage of Jaume Roures

Now the situation has changed and the offers exceed what was entered then. The other option that the club is considering is sell 49% of Barça Studios, the maximum allowed by the partners, to one of the interested companies, but then there would be a problem since it would be necessary to negotiate with Jaume Roures the sale of the 25% that he owns. At this moment, the businessman is happy with his situation, but it is clear that if he sold, he would obtain an economic benefit.

How much money can Barcelona get?

It is difficult to specify at this time and it also depends on how the sale is at the end. Could enter 150 million euros or more, although sources consulted by this newspaper did not want to confirm the figures. What is clear is that this sale would allow the club to have considerable income and thus alleviate the losses that the team’s march to Montjuïc will generate.

Messi, in a match with PSG.

Messi, in a match with PSG.EFE

Messi, waiting

If the operation is finally carried out, the options for Leo Messi to return to Barcelona increase. The Argentine already knows about the interest of the Barça club to sign him, but also that the financial situation of the club is very delicate. The club seeks income while the player waits with PSG’s renewal offer on the table and a proposal from Arabia that would cover him in gold.

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