FC Barcelona: Invasion of ultras to throw Barcelona off the grass while celebrating the title of champion


ANDhe Catalan derby ended in embarrassment. He FC Barcelona was proclaimed champion of League and, as such, he celebrated it with a circle in the center of the field, on the grass of the RCDE Stadium. Five minutes into the celebration, the players had to run towards the locker room because a large group of people who were in the stands went down to the pitch with the intention of confronting the Barça players.

There were moments of great tension. Before the referee whistled, the culs began to celebrate the title on the bench and the temperature in the stands rose. In fact, the players of both teams, not just the Barcelona, they left the grass in a hurry and the fans located in the area where the animation stands are invaded the field and tried to access the changing room tunnel. Ultimately they didn’t make it.

The police even had to ask them to leave the pitch if they did not want them to use force. The radicals broke the fence behind the goal and caused several damages.

Now we will have to see what sanction the player faces Spanish. Fortunately, there is no personal injury to be regretted, but there were moments of great tension.

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