FC Barcelona: European football queues for Gavi


Lto Sports Directorate of Barcelona works tirelessly on planning for the upcoming season, but does so quietly so as not to distract the team from the goal of winning The league. One of the operations marked in red is the contractual adequacy of Gavi, which is not closed because of the problems with the wage bill. In fact, it is the priority. But faced with the uncertainty surrounding their future, the greats of Europe They are taking an interest in your situation. They follow him very closely and are on the lookout in case, finally, the barca The accounts do not come out and he is free! in June.

Gavi He is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding players on the international scene. The excellent performance of him with the Barcelonaat just 18 years old, has led him to win individual titles and to be a prominent man in the absolute selection. In it Camp Nou, no one crosses the mind that their emblem could leave. Today, the Andalusian midfielder is one of the most recognizable and renowned men in the culé dressing room and its most outstanding youth squad. He has taken, in this sense, the witness of Ansu Fati, whose future now seems to be more outside than inside of the boat.

Gavi: “Winning my first title and against Real Madrid is something special”

The versatile Andalusian footballer, a regular in the eleven of Xavi (has participated in 40 meetings), renewed a few months ago until June 2026, but that extension is on hold due to the difficulties in fitting his contract into the adjusted Barca salary mass. In fact, Gavi has recovered the number 30 and not the 6 it took a while after signing, because the link is not entirely effective and, consequently, as of today the medium is free in June.

This situation has not gone unnoticed by the big European football clubs. There are not one, two or three entities, with great economic capacity, that are taking an interest in its vague and insecure contractual reality. They have contacted their environment, above all, from England and Germany, but also from other important competitions. Although there are no conversations or negotiations with any.

Xavi: “Gavi is very happy, I don’t see him changing scenery”

Consequences of the ‘Negreira case’

The footballer remains calm, his head does not pass, at this time, another future that is not to continue dressed as a blaugrana. In it barca, they know it and that is why they face their case with serenity, although technicians, executives and managers are also aware of the stalking of the other institutions, and for this reason their continuity and the completion of their contract are considered an absolute priority in all the offices. You have been guaranteed that your listing will be the first to be updated. Anyway, in Europe They are very aware that at the Barcelona the numbers of your salary mass come out (you must reduce it in 200 million) like the consequences it may have he Negreira case.

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