FC Barcelona: Bara does not expect any sanction from UEFA


ANDin the next few days UEFA announce the teams that will play the next edition of the Champions League. Barcelona is convinced that it will be on that list. It is true that he has an open file on the part of the highest European football body due to the news that has appeared on the ‘Negreira case’ and for the alleged purchase of matches. Despite this file, the leadership of the Barça club is confident that there will be no sanction for this edition.

The Directive has been working on this issue for some time. Laporta is aware that its relationship with sports organizations is not ideal. He has had problems with LaLiga and UEFA and for a few months he has been looking to improve relations with both. A few days ago he took an important step by getting out of the process against the agreement between LaLiga and CVC. A gesture that has been highly valued by the clubs.

Ceferin and Laporta.EFE

The ‘Negreira case’

The problems with UEFA come from the support of the Super League proposed by Florentino Pérez. Some problems that worsened with the news of the ‘Negreira case’. It should not be forgotten that UEFA can penalize a club without there being a ruling from ordinary courts. That was a very powerful threat against Barcelona. Laporta has sought a rapprochement with Ceferin. In the first place, assuring the innocence of the club in all this matter, but also reminding it that a sanction would mean significant economic damage to the club, just at the worst moment in which its finances are going.

The Super League factor

The club has dropped the possibility of abandoning the Super League project and more now when Relations with Real Madrid are low. And in UEFA they have taken good note of this gesture. It will be quite a triumph to get Bara to leave the Super League because it will be the end of this project that is coming into force. direct competition with the Champions. The Bara has that asset very well kept. And Ceferin knows it. For this reason, they believe that a sanction would not make sense.

The two minutes of Laporta’s historic crack against Real Madrid

The Barcelona club pretends to have more presence in committees of this body and is on the right track. In a climate of understanding, Barcelona will not understand being excluded from the Champions League. In addition, if this occurred, they would not be left with their arms covered and the start of the competition could be affected.

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