FC Barcelona: Bara does its math: When can it be proclaimed champion?


ANDthe tie of this Monday of the Barcelona against Girona It represents another step for the League. The Catalans already had it very well on track after the victory against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou a few days ago, but now they have given one more push by taking advantage of the surprising stumble of the whites against Villarreal and with the draw against Girona. The difference has gone to 13 points and in Can Bara everyone is already doing their math to find out when they could be proclaimed champion.

With ten days still to go it is very difficult to make a prediction. However, if Barcelona won their next few matches and Real Madrid lost them, the azulgrana team could be champion on matchday 31. To do this, they would have to win their matches in the next two days against Getafe and Atlético de Madrid, while Ancelotti’s team lost against Cádiz and Celta.

Calendar of Barcelona and Real Madrid

  • Jor. 29: Getafe-Barcelona and Cdiz-R.Madrid
  • Jor. 30: Barcelona-Atlético and R. Madrid-Celta
  • Jor. 31: Rayo-Barcelona and Girona-R.Madrid
  • Jor. 32: Barcelona-Betis and R.Madrid-Almera
  • Jor. 33: Barcelona-Osasuna and R.Sociedad-R.Madrid
  • Jor. 34: Espanyol-Barcelona and R.Madrid-Getafe
  • Jor. 35: Barcelona-R.Sociedad and Valencia-R.Madrid
  • Jor. 36: Valladolid-Barcelona and R.Madrid-Rayo
  • Jor. 37: Barcelona-Mallorca and Seville-R.Madrid
  • Jor. 38: Celta-Barcelona and Athletic-R.Madrid

That day 31 will then be reached in which Barcelona travels to Madrid to face Rayo. If you get the three points and Madrid lose in Montilivi against Girona, the azulgrana team will be champion. However, We must not forget Atlético de Madrid. For Bara to be champions, the rojiblanco team would have to lose (in addition to the direct clash against the Catalans on matchday 30), one of the two games against Almera and Mallorca corresponding to matchdays 29 and 31.

This would be the fast track account. It escapes no one that such an immediate outcome is highly improbable. If Barcelona and Real Madrid were winning all their matches, Xavi’s men will be proclaimed champions in a clash with a lot of morbidity. It would be at Cornell against Espanyol with a parakeet team that is fighting to avoid relegation.

These are forecasts if Barcelona win all their matches and with a Madrid that loses all its matches (Bara will be champions on matchday 31) or the whites win all (it will then be on matchday 34). From here, the combinations are innumerable depending on whether they win or lose their matches.

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