FC Barcelona: Bara advances with its plan while waiting for LaLiga


ANDl Barcelona is still waiting for LaLiga to approve its economic viability plan. mateu alemanyBarcelona’s Football Director, shrugged his shoulders this Thursday when asked about it before entering the Board meeting at the Camp Nou.

Thebes opens the door to Messi’s return: “Hopefully Bara will be able to do it”

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“We have to wait”, said. Indeed, the club has to wait until everything is well tied up with the employers. You are wasting very important time of face to the signing of Leo Messi, that some already see impossible. From the club they begin to admit that there are many doubts that this operation can be closed.

The club first needs to get it approved and then put it into practice, especially with regard to the issue of selling players. For the Argentine to arrive, he needs space in the wage bill and that is achieved with the departure of players. Circumstance that has the club handcuffed in order to make a specific offer to the Argentine.

However, while the approval of LaLiga arrives, Barcelona is executing some of the plans that it has in that plan. One of them is cost reduction. One of the first steps was to announce the closure of Bara TV, which had been making losses for years. Expenses in the sections will also be reduced. The entity is already taking steps in this direction and has announced cuts in the club’s amateur sports. The most important thing in this sense, is the reduction in expenses that will be in a section as important as basketball, which occurs after the Barça disaster in the Euroleague. Mirotic, who earns about 11 million gross per year, they want to cut the tab in half when he has two years left on his contract. The measures are being taken.

Jordi Alba, the d

Jordi Alba, the day of the announcement of his departure from Barcelona.EFE

Also in what refers to new sponsorships. A new agreement to display advertising on the sleeve shirt was announced yesterday. The Ambilight TV company will be the one that is announced in the Barcelona elastic and for which to pay about 10 million euros per year, according to some sources, although this point has not been confirmed by the club. A significant amount in order to reduce the 200 million excess that the club has.

The announcement of the departure of Jordi Alba It is also important and another proof that Barcelona is moving to achieve the objectives that have been set in this feasibility plan. his departure release a large amount of moneyespecially if at the end Barcelona gets the go-ahead from LaLiga and can operate in the transfer market in summer with the one-for-one rule.

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