F1 | Saudi Arabia GP 2023: Lawrence Stroll and what he told Alonso to sign for Aston Martin


Lawrence Stroll has become in a few years one of the reference figures in the World Cup F1. It was already so at the business level, since it is one of the most powerful in its country, Canadabut his love for motor sports has led him to get more and more involved with a huge ambition and a dream: conquer the crown of the Great Circus

The leader, while accompanying his son Lance In his sports career, he has been weaving a network that crystallized with the purchase in 2018 of what originally was Jordan Grand Prix and then it was Force India. Later, he associated it with a car brand, Aston Martinin 2021, after being Racing Pointand investment and successes have been growing year after year.

The senior manager is not very given to granting interviews, but he did speak in Sakhir with Sky F1 Great Britain. All was not cut when revealing the conversation that he had with Alonso to sign him. The Asturian was negotiating with Alpine, but the North American, who already knew that Sebastian Vettel he was going to retire, he seduced him. “I’ve known Fernando for a while, just like Lance. When Fernando runs in Ferrari, Lance was at the Ferrari Driver Academy. He was 12 years old at the time, so they have known each other for a long time, “he began.

the conversation

Then it was even more explicit. “Fernando is one of the best drivers of all time. We have known each other for a long time and Fernando shares the same faith as me. I approached and I told him: ‘These are my plans for the future'”, confess.

Oviedo’s response is not wasted either. “Because he has known me for a long time, he I replied: ‘You will be next, I want to be a part of it.’ And he chose to join us,” he reveals.

winning project

Stroll did not flinch when exposing his challenge and his wishes in the short and medium term. “I said a few years ago that this is a journey of five seasons to fight for the World Cup. There were people who did not believe me when i said it And I can understand that, because we were taking control of the Force India team, which later became Racing Point and later Aston Martin,” he proclaimed.

The executive defended that the excellent results achieved by Alonso in Bahrain and his son, third and sixth, are due to solid foundations that will continue to grow. “We have made changes significant. Our staff has increased from 400 to 740 employeeswe are building new ones state-of-the-art Formula 1 facilities. And we won’t be moving in until May 1, so this year’s success cannot be attributed to the new building,” he asserted.

Promising future

But Sakhir is only the beginning of that mission. I think that we are showing what we can do. Like everyone else, we are going to improve throughout the season, so it is only the first days of this car. Our CFD and wind tunnel tests will improve as we go along, and I don’t want to set a target while we have a great year, but it’s been a great start“, finished.

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