F1 | Miami GP 2023: Carlos Sainz (2nd) emerges in Miami; Alonso is fifth


Carlos Sainz, in a completely different way than last week. has been the driver who has finished closest to Max Verstappen in Free Practice 2 of the Miami Grand Prix. The man from Madrid has been second, 0.385 behind the best timesurpassing leclercCzech perez and Ferdinand Alonso, as a presentation varta on the Florida track.

Despite the Mercedes surprise in the morning, it seems that it is Ferrari who makes a real leap in quality in the urban one that revolves around the Hard Rock Stadium of the Marlins.

Fernando Alonso finished fifth, 0.730 behind Verstappen and just under 0.4 seconds behind Carlos. It is not that the AMR23 of the Asturian is going badly on this circuit, but he seems more committed than ever since the season began in Bahrain. Stroll’s eighth confirms that they have not adapted properly to the new asphalt from the startalthough the evolution of the weekend can still throw many surprises on that new tar.

the asturian he was blocked by an Alpine, which he sent a message to. “Free training is your moment”, he said on the radio in an ironic tone.

It was a session of very long runs and refreshment to improve later, again with the sun hitting the visors of the full competitors, but Verstappen, winner in the first edition of 2022, remained firmly in the lead. Czechafter the Baku exhibition, was not so bright this Friday.

The mercedes go down

hamiltonafter being second in FP1, he was no better than seventh, behind Norris in the evening heat. Russell, with a clear mistake on his good lap, finished fifteenth. Nothing seems very definitive, and even less so in this type of scenario, except for the mastery of the champion and the evident improvement of Carlos Sainz with the Ferrari. He needs a great result and he’s going for it this weekend.

Free Practice 2, Miami GP 2023

1º M. Verstappen Red Bull 1’27″930 13

2nd Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1’28″315 +00″385 15

3rd C. Leclerc Ferrari 1’28″398 +00″468 15

4th S. Perez Red Bull 1’28″419 +00″489 14

5th Fernando Alonso Aston Martin 1’28″660 +00″73 16

6th L. Norris McLaren 1’28″741 +00″811 13

7th L. Hamilton Mercedes 1’28″858 +00″928 15

8º L. Stroll Aston Martin 1’28″930 +01″00 15

9º E. Ocon Alpine 1’28″937 +01″007 16

10th A. Albon Williams 1’29″046 +01″116 16

11th Fr. Gasly Alpine 1’29″098 +01″168 14

12th K. Magnussen Haas 1’29″171 +01″241 12

13th G. Zhou Alfa Romeo 1’29″181 +01″251 17

14th V. Bottas Alfa Romeo 1’29″189 +01″259 16

15th G. Russell Mercedes 1’29″216 +01″286 14

16th O. Piastri McLaren 1’29″339 +01″409 12

17th N. Hulkenberg Haas 1’29″393 +01″463 12

18th Y. Tsunoda AlphaTauri 1’29″613 +01″683 16

19th N. De Vries AlphaTauri 1’29″928 +01″998 18

20th L Sergeant Williams 1’30″038 +02″108 15

Verstappen first with the medium, Alonso eighth with the hard

With the first game of the session, Max was the best with the hard compound, followed by leclerc, Czech and Sainz. Ferrari continued to offer the good sensations of the morning. Alonso was eighth (hard) and Stroll was 13th. The Aston Martin seemed to suffer too much, on a track that favored him on paper.

After the first game of Libre 2

1º M. Verstappen Red Bull (M) 1’29″380 7

2nd C. Leclerc Ferrari (M) 1’29″497 +00″117 7

3rd S. Perez Red Bull (M) 1’29″622 +00″242 8

4th C. Sainz Ferrari (M) 1’29″636 +00″256 9

5º G. Russell Mercedes (M) 1’30″068 +00″688 7

6º E. Ocon Alpine (D) 1’30″099 +00″719 7

7th L. Hamilton Mercedes (M) 1’30″141 +00″761 9

8º F. Alonso Aston Martin /R) 1’30″218 +00″838 8

9th P. Gasly Alpine 1’30″502 +01″122 7

10th A. Albon Williams 1’30″509 +01″129 7

11th L Sergeant Williams 1’30″572 +01″192 7

12th N. Hulkenberg Haas 1’30″675 +01″295 7

13th L. Stroll Aston Martin 1’30″761 +01″381 9

14th K. Magnussen Haas 1’30″774 +01″394 7

15th Y. Tsunoda AlphaTauri 1’30″816 +01″436 7

16th O. Piastri McLaren 1’30″831 +01″451 5

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