F1 – Hungarian GP 2023: Aston Martin’s improvements, in ‘stand-by’ until after the break


LThe results harvested in the Red Bull Ring and in Silverstone have not changed in the slightest the plan established since Aston Martin. The first updates to the AMR23 work and this was demonstrated in the Canadian GP. From the environment of the British team they have not stopped repeating that the car did not adapt like others to the fast curves prevailing in these circuits.

For this reason, peace of mind and confidence continue to be present in the new factory in Silverstone. “The accounts are made in Abu Dhabi, we remain calm”, explained Fernando Alonso in the race post. Same line as the team’s performance director, Tom McCullough: “We keep working on the efficiency of the wind tunnel, it’s just a matter of being prepared for what’s to come.”

The next two races we will go with the car we have, but then we will bring the updates as soon as we can and make the car faster.

Tom McCullough, Aston Martin Performance Director

The British engineer, one of the most important people in the Aston Martin factory, explains the plan to follow before Zaandvort: “The next two races we will go with the car we have, but then we will bring the updates as soon as we can and make the car faster. We still have improvements, we just have to introduce them.”

Mike Krack, next to Fernando Alonso on the wall.ASTON MARTIN F1

Even so, Fernando Alonso is not one of the drivers who settles. According to Tom McCullough, the Asturian “He comes through the factory and pushes us all: Dan Fallows, technical director; Eric Blandin, aerodynamicist; and even me. He pushes us to keep growing.”

High expectations for Hungary

With the characteristics of the AMR23, from Aston Martin are aware that the Hungaroring is one of their favorite circuits. A lot of slow corner, minimal influence of the DRS… In other words, the closest thing to Monaco being a conventional circuit. “The ones with the slower corners we’ll do better, so I guess in Hungary we’ll fight for the podium again,” Fernando concluded at Silverstone.

There are no improvements, but it is a car that adapts like a glove to these circumstances. Also, although many believe that McLaren will join the fight, those from Woking warn. “Our car is terrible in low-speed corners, it’s very difficult to drive,” Norris said without hesitation about the Hungaroring.

In the ones with slow corners we will go better, so I guess in Hungary we will fight for the podium again

Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin driver

Meanwhile, the plan in the offices of Aston Martin continues its course. “We focused on performance in the race, without forgetting qualifying. Tire management is our strong point. But you always have to take into account the characteristics of the track”, concluded Tom McCullough. At Aston Martin they do not doubt that if something is going well, it is better not to change it.

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