F1 | GP Saudi Arabia 2023: Marko lowers the tone with Aston Martin: “They are only humorous comments”


Qu in Red Bull are prone to be ‘creative’ when presenting theories to the media is not exactly something that is new. Helmut Marko and Christian Horner They often make statements that generate controversy. The march is going. And now more than his team dominates F1 with an iron fist.

In Bahrin the surprise was Aston Martin. The green box put a car on the track faster than two teams as powerful as they are ferrari and mercedes. It is not that they were a threat to Red Bull, but they were seen as the strongest rival in this start of the 2023 season.

According to the controversial Red Bull adviser, it’s all because Dan Fallows he has a very good memory. The technical director of Aston Martin was the head of the aerodynamics department of the energy panel and according to Marko is responsible for the fact that the AMR23 supposedly looks like RB19.

“Obviously they have a good memory at Aston Martin. In Bahrain we had three Red Bulls on the podium… Only the third had a different engine!”came to declare the veteran leader, after the first race of this course.

Alonso, at the wheel of the AMR23, in Bahrin.ASTON MARTIN F1

Now it turns out that now a joke

But now Marko has backed down. To begin with, he has denied that they are going to file a complaint with the FIA ​​for the alleged use of privileged information to manufacture the AMR23. “No, in no way. And it’s not intended to be an accusation either,” he told ‘Formel1.de’ when asked if Red Bull raised a protest against Aston Martin.

“These are just joking comments. If you look on the grid, the Aston Martin is the closest car to the Red Bull”has riveted the Austrian.

previous darts

Let’s remember that Marko has not been the only one who has thrown taunts against the Silverstone team. Czech Prez I made a comment on the same line. “It’s nice to see three Red Bull cars on the podium,” he said after the Bahrain Grand Prix. While, horner, director of the Milton Keynes team, redundant in the same. “I think it’s flattering to see the resemblance of that car (the AMR23) to ours, so it was great to see all three of them on the podium,” he emphasized.

In addition, in AlphaTauri They have also attacked Aston Martin. The Red Bull subsidiary, through its boss Franz Tost, was just as stinging in his remarks. “The Aston Martin looks like the Red Bull because Aston Martin signed half of the aerodynamicists at Red Bull. Of course, they build the same car and paint it green,” he added.

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