F1 – GP Bahrain 2023: Red Bull: “Our rival is Alonso, not Ferrari”


whatCan Fernando Alonso win the race Bahrain? Watching the qualifying session, the two Red Bull, by Max Verstappen and Checo PérezThey were very strong. A vast majority of drivers and team managers consider that they are the big favorites and that if nothing unusual happens, one of them should take the win. The two-time Spanish champion himself also thinks the same. Like the other Spanish, Carlos Sainz.

In fact, looking at the composition of the grid, anyone could think that the two Ferrariof charles leclerc and Carlos himself, are the great adversaries of the champion team, as they finished third and fourth. But some look at the pace made by the Asturian on Friday and frown.

It is the case of Marko Helmut, adviser and one of the authorized voices within the Austrian formation, the one who never hides anything and expresses himself with the sincerity and categoricalness that others lack. The counselor was resounding after the day on Saturday. “Our main rival for tomorrow is Fernando Alonsoas our analyzes of the long runs say. Ferrari has too much degradation on the tyres.” released on German Sky television. Not even the fact that Leclerc chose not to go out in his last attempt to save a set of tires has just convinced those of energy drinks. Sainz himself admitted that this is the handicap of the ‘Scuderia’.

Verstappen’s setup

The former pilot also gave details about the settings of the car of the ‘poleman’ and current champion. “In terms of setting, we have searched a balance. Max wanted pole position, while the engineers pushed to have a ‘set up’ dedicated to the race. With a balance of both we have achieved, anyway, the goal, “he confessed.

Russell sees Alonso as the undercover

George Russell will start sixth, with Mercedesjust behind Alonso and in front of his partner lewis hamilton. The Englishman has a point of view very similar to Marko’s, admitting that rather than attacking the Aston Martin from Oviedo, he will seek to defend himself against the seven-time world champion. “The pace of the Ferraris is always a little worse in the race than in qualifying. We are the opposite. Although we are three tenths behind them, I think we are in a good place to fight for the podium. But, to be honest , Fernando probably has a better chance than Ferrari,” he stated.

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