F1 – GP Bahrain 2023: Only Checo Prez surpasses Alonso from the start; Sainz suffers with the Ferrari


Checo Pérez, Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen. This is how the first ones start Free 1 of 2023, los of the Bahrain Grand Prix, dominated by the Red Bull and with the Aston Martin embedded between them. It’s not a significant session, but being in the lead is always better than the other way around. Carlos Sainz, with problems in the Ferrari, has closed the table in this first session, while leclerc He was fifth, despite only rolling with the medium tyres.

For Fernando, everything was very similar to the tests, with a very stable and fast Aston Martin, second with medium s (half a second) and soft (0.4) tires, always behind Prez, and without mishaps. Even Lance Stroll, in his first contact with this single-seater and injured in the wrists, finished sixth, what triggers the sensations for those of Silverstone.

Sainz spinning top

Carlos Sainz was doing comparative work on the two rear wings, one with more load and the other with less. The first vibrated, but with the second He suffered a very spectacular spin, after touching the right rear part of his ground twice, with two blows that were heard from the ‘on board’.

the madrileo could control it, but the faces of concern on the wall and in the box were evident. Something seemed to have gone wrong, apart from the fact that it is a car that keeps bouncing excessively compared to Red Bull or Aston Martin.

alpine way back

This is a session that has nothing to do with qualifying and race conditions. In the LIbres 2 you will see data that is closer to the reality of the forces, but Alpine does not leave the rear area. Ocon has been 15 and Gasly 17. I don’t want to say anything, but the gesture of the engineering director, Alan Permane, repeatedly denying on the wall, do not bode well. It is still very early days, but the signs are not good for the car painted completely pink in Bahrain.

Checo and Alonso start

The Mexican and Fernando, half a second behind, dominated the start times on the medium tyre. The Aston Martin seemed to roll smoothly again, while Verstappen was somewhat more split, like the Ferrari. The hind wing he wore Sainz it swayed alarmingly on its single central supporting pylon.

Stroll he was only able to do two laps in the first half hour, due to a problem with the spark plugs of his AMR23 and not of his physical condition, which he could hardly prove.

After the first media game

1 S. Perez Red Bull 1’34″343 7

2 Fernando Alonso Aston Martin 1’34″867 +00″524 9

3 L. Hamilton Mercedes 1’35″014 +00″671 9

4 K. Magnussen Haas 1’35″420 +01″077 9

5 M. Verstappen Red Bull 1’35″429 +01″086 6

6 P. Gasly Alpine 1’35″671 +01″328 9

7 N. Hulkenberg Haas 1’35″865 +01″522 10

8 C. Leclerc Ferrari 1’35″991 +01″648 8

9 G. Russell Mercedes 1’35″999 +01″656 9

10 E. Ocon Alpine 1’36″057 +01″714 8

11 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1’36″072 +01″729 9

12L Sergeant Williams 1’36″102 +01″759 8

13 A. Albon Williams 1’36″216 +01″873 9

14 O. Piastri McLaren 1’36″274 +01″931 8

15 L. Norris McLaren 1’36″488 +02″145 7

16 Y. Tsunoda AlphaTauri 1’36″763 +02″420 11

17 G.Zhou Alfa Romeo 1’36″889 +02″546 8

18 V.Bottas Alfa Romeo 1’37″149 +02″806 10

19 N. De Vries AlphaTauri 1’37″493 +03″150 11

20 L. Stroll Aston Martin, no time, 2

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