F1 – GP Bahrain 2023: Fernando Alonso: “I will sign a fifth, but I’m there in case the Ferrari downgrade… or something”


Fernando Alonso I was happy like a child after to see another of his F3 pupils win, Gabriel Bortoleto, in the second race of the weekend in bahrin. Was the second of two, after that of Pepe Mart, the young 17-year-old from Barcelona, ​​at the appointment on Saturday.

He was with both of them, smiling, taking photos and congratulating the pilots of the A14 Management, the new representation company and advice in which he is putting all his illusion. There is nothing that motivates him more than a race, the smell of gasoline and being in the pit, even if he is not the one in the car. Master in F1 and teacher of young talents. “I think it’s going to be a great year for both of us,” he assured in statements for MARCA.

F1 race

Was inevitable to ask him about the afternoon race, his debut in the 2023 F1 season, dobne fifth part, behind Verstappen, Checo, Leclerc and Sainz, and with Russell and Hamilton at his back.

I will sign a fifth or a sixth… I will sign it but now. If the Ferrari demote, or whatever, I hope to be behind there. But fifth or sixth he will sign it, let’s see what happens”he placed very cautiously and aware that speaking before beginning is useless for almost nothing.

Your F3 drivers

alonso preferred to give prominence to ‘his’ pilots, Bortoleto and Mart, winners in Bahrin: “Little by little, but good. I am very happy with Gabriel, because he works hard, he is very disciplined, both in the simulator and with the team. He really wants to and the speed he had in the Regional Formula was already seen last year. Formula 3 is always an important leap and he never knows how he is going to react, but he has this desire and this talent”, valued over the one from Sao Paulo, 18 years old.

“BesidesIt is important for Brazil, a country with so much tradition and so many champions, surely it is important to have a young man as fast and with as much talent as Gabriel”. add.

Pepe Mart, with Campos Racing

As for the other of his winners, Fernando valued his victory on Saturday: “For Pepe it is his second year, but he is still very young. They are only 17 years old and a long way to go, but oh, he has accumulated a lot of experience and the starting with a victory will serve to gain confidence. To be with Fields (the team in which he started in single-seaters and triumphed in Formula Nissan) I have a closer and more emotional relationship for the team and with Pepe because he is Spanish”, emphasized the Oviedo about his young values.

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