Euroleague: Make a statue of Sergio Rodrguez


This guy never quits, he’s a happy guy, he always adds up,” an ex-colleague told me. Sergio Rodriguezwho waited for his moment in a narrow season to play a memorable game and put Madrid in the Final Four when the white team was on the canvas (-18, third quarter). Possibly one of the best games in the career of the chacho, at 36 years old. He still had magic left, points, direction, assists and leadership. Where has Mateo had it all this time? He wasn’t finished, of course not. The man from Tenerife stands out in a one-on-one match against Madrid with A’s and F’s.

individual solutions for moments of capsizing. I look for the ring to solve because there was no other way. Six points at halftime and nine at the end. It is not consistent. In another time he would not be Madrid’s first baseman. The extraordinary work of Sergio Rodrguez exposed him once more.

He played for the first time in the series in Madrid. He spent a minute in the first half. I hit a triple on the horn and Mate sat him down. ? Things that are rarely understood.

I left to replace Tavares before Poirier was dropped. He puts will to it, but a tear in the Achilles and another in the knee in a 2.11 player have made him someone who is not there for these wars.

I went out with the faith forever, with a contagious attitude, very active in the passing lanes. He leaves his life, this time his shoulder. He played without moving his left arm in the fourth quarter, like a hero. What a lesson, what an example. He participated in the comeback like the other old rockers (Chacho and Llull). It is hard to think that Madrid depends on three players who are 111 years old, but they are so damn good.

Mateo chose him to stop pointer, but in this series it has seemed mission impossible. He has lost prominence in the rotation, but his quartermaster duties never subtract.

Hezonja shoots to the basket / A. Rivero

Hezonja shoots to the basket / A. Rivero

the eave Croatian adds nine points and something that was not expected: work, sweat and dedication. I contributed to the comeback, with Chacho unleashed. Super Maro was because of his commitment and attitude.

It is difficult to assume that the Tenerife player has left one of the best games of his career for the 36-year-old. Sergio Rodriguez He raised a dead man, his team, to command a comeback that is already Euroleague history, for the victory in the fifth game after a 0-2 loss. El Chacho finished with 26 rating, 19 points and baskets of all colors. Unforgettable.

Mateo’s surprise at the casualties of Deck and Yabusele. I complied in a very committed match. He is a very useful player for modern basketball because of his ease in defending big and small players. Very physical.

He was loaded with fouls soon. In seven minutes. It is something that cannot be allowed, its great defect. He is the king of absurd fouls. Still, Walter he manages to be important despite being little on the field. He finished with 12 points and seven rebounds.

He hero of the best time of Madrid It was again when Sergio Rodríguez had lit the fuse of the season. Eight consecutive points that ended up burying Partizan. For a few minutes it was El Increble again.

Without being in the comeback because Mateo did not change a quintet that worked with him Chacho, Llull, Rudy, Hezonja and Tavares, Musa contributed 20 points and without them, the white team would not have been in a position to come back. His best game in the series at just the right time.

It was very difficult to replace Pablo Laso, but chus, at least, has already met in the Euroleague with the pass to the Final Four. He has done it by taking his team to a historic comeback. He has managed to bring out the character of his team at the most tricky moment of a difficult year. Remarkably tall.

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