Euroleague Final: Olympiacos – Real Madrid, live today


Last minute of Olympiacos – Real Madrid live

The big moment, the grand finale. Very good to all and welcome to a magical afternoon! The one from the grand finale of the Euroleague, Olympiacos – Real Madrid. TO the one that is reached after a very tough and endless competition, which puts an end to a classic of the ‘Old Continent’ among the ‘King of Europe’ and one of the toughest and most mythical rivals you can find, those who come from the Piraeus.

It is the ultimate miracle. It has been counted a thousand and one times, but the Real Madrid reaches the grand final in Kaunas with an impossible performance. He came back from 0-2 in Belgrade, came back to Barcelona in the semifinal. And it is here, with Chus Mateo at the controls after a course that never seemed to have such a positive resolution. But Olympiacos is in front, winner of the regular league and finalist after destroying Monaco in the second part of the semifinal thanks to the defense of walk up and the success of the Vezenkov or Papanikolaou.

A battle of giants more than repeated. The fourth time they meet in the grand final, with balance favorable to the whites since they were proclaimed champions in 1995 and 2015. The 2013 crowned Olympiacos, with a brilliant second half from its star Vassilis Spanoulis. Ten years later ‘Kill Bill’ it is gone, and that responsibility falls primarily on Sasha Vezenkov, EuroLeague MVP. Although Real Madrid have gigantic reasons to answer, mainly ‘Edy Tavares’ after some huge Playoffs in which he averaged 17 points, 9 rebounds and 22 PIR credits.

Olympiacos or Real Madrid will be crowned as kings of Europe. A classic, the most repeated final in history together with Varese-Madrid. What do we tell you, From now on, in MARCA with great detail. The Euroleague is looking for a champion! The final starts in Kaunas! Take a seat and enjoy!

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