Escrivá assures that the new pension reform will bring more social protection


José Luis Escrivá, Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, has denied that the pension reform implies “a loss of competitiveness”but has stressed that it will mean “more social protection”.

This has been stated by the head of Social Security through a Twitter thread in which he has positioned himself in favor of the agreement reached this Friday within the Government and with the European Comissionin front of the opinions “calling into question” the measures expected income.

In order to support this idea, Escrivá has shared some data in relation to the contributions, which will mean less than 40 cents per hour worked and will continue “well below” the eurozone average. In this sense, he has used as an example the cases of some “neighbors” of Spain for a comparative “in terms of labor costs per hour”. In this way, the rise of 37 cents, as he pointed out, is still 6 euros below Italy and around 15 below Germany and France.

In addition to the changes foreseen in the contribution system, one of the main issues addressed by this reform is the pension calculation period for this to be calculated either with the last 25 years of contributions or with 29 years of contributions, from which the two worst may be excluded, so that, in practice, the calculation in this second case will be 27 years.

This new proposal, which has the endorsement of Brussels and Unidas Podemos, has been presented this Friday to those social agents with whom the Ministry of Inclusion plans to meet again next monday.

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