Díaz once again insists that companies with benefits increase wages


The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has once again asked companies that manage to obtain benefits to raise the salaries of the staff. This has been claimed in an act in Santander this Saturday where he has transferred their “solidarity and commitment” to the Aspla works council, who has asked for his mediation in the conflict, which is now 35 days on strike.

“Our absolute solidarity with you, with your families. We know very well what it is to be on strike for 35 days, we know it very well, therefore, all the commitment and the need forhe companies in our country understand once and for all that with what we are living wages must be raised”, Díaz declared. The staff gathered at the gates of the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses on the occasion of the listening act programmed by the Sumar platform in the city, holding a banner that read ‘For a decent agreement and for the improvement of labor treatment in Aspla’.

The minister stressed that “this country is made with workers, with dignity, with rights, with decent wages and more in a company like yours that is key to your regions. All the solidarity and commitment and we wish you the best”. “It is not decent that a company that has benefits above 30 million euros do not revalue the wages of workers and workers“Díaz has assessed regarding Aspla during his speech at the event.

As he has argued, “companies have to be exemplary”, especially when “people are having such a hard time” because of the rise in inflation. “I ask the companies that earn benefits in our country to fulfill their mission and tell their workers that they are decent companies and that they are going to increase their wages,” he said. In his opinion, the Aspla workers “deserve respect.” Subsequently, the members of the Aspla strike committee went to the Hotel Sardinero to show their protest there.

After the demonstration this Friday through the Torrelavega streets, which brought together 4,000 people, according to the committee, and today’s concentration, next Monday, March 6, A new meeting between the Management and the Works Council is scheduled at the Cantabrian Institute for Safety and Health at Work (ICASST), starting at 4:30 p.m., to resume negotiations.

Díaz censors Feijóo’s “joy”

The second vice president of the Government has censured this Saturday the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to “be happy” about the transfer of Ferrovial’s headquarters to the Netherlands. “He is a great patriot,” Díaz ironized. In addition, he has urged the leader of the PP to show his “total disagreement” with Ferrovial’s decision and his rejection of tax “dumping”.

In the words of the vice president, the popular leader is wrong because “he confuses the Government with his country, and it would be good if he did not confuse the Spanish with the bad example of Ferrovial.” Díaz has considered “an indignity that a Spanish company flee to another country simply for tax reasons” and has ensured that Ferrovial’s contribution to public coffers in Spain “was very small.

The institutional deputy general secretary of the PP, Esteban González Pons.

supporter of end “tax liens” in Spain because, he has assured, the effective rate for which large companies are listed “is 3.8%”, he has opted for Spain to lead a “tax harmonization” in Europe and an in-depth tax reform of public income”.

And he has asked Feijóo to join the Government to claim that Ferrovial, “that great company that did business on the backs of the public administration and public procurement“, secure all jobs in Spain and reconsider your decision.

In addition, Yolanda Díaz has asked to give value to the work of the Government of Spain, which is “leaving its skin”, especially since it has as an “adversary” what in its opinion represents “the worst of politics”. “It reminds us of the usual PP, the real one, the one we know, the one who told us that Spain should sink, that we will raise it up“, criticized Díaz, who sees it as “unworthy” that a small business “pays more taxes than a large IBEX-35 corporation”. In this sense, he has contrasted “the joy” of the PP with Sumar, which “does not mean that the country sinks We are not happy because a big company is leaving,” he added.

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