Díaz assures that Sumar will promote a reform of regional financing


After the kick-off of the electoral campaign last Friday, the second vice president and candidate of Sumar for the general elections, Yolanda Díaz, has defended that Sumar is the only force that would promote a reform of regional financing, since the PP and the PSOE “have a centralist soul” and “a drive” that leads them to decide everything “in Madrid”. In an act in Valencia, Díaz stated that the Valencian Community It is the “worst financed autonomy in the Spanish State”and has promised to guarantee it “adequate” financing from 2024.

“You are underfunded. I’m just going to give you one piece of information today: you receive, per inhabitant, 178 euros less than the average for the country as a whole“, Díaz told the thousand people who have attended his central campaign event, held at the Olympia Theater in Valencia where he has shared the stage with the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, the heads of the list for Valencia Àgueda Micó (Compromís ) and for Alicante, Txema Guijarro (Sumar), in addition to number 3 for Valencia Nahuel González (IU).

The spokesman for Compromís in the Valencian Community and former deputy in Congress, Joan Baldoví, has also traveled to support the candidacy, who has received expressions of recognition from Díaz, the speakers and the audience, who have chanted his name as well as Oltra’s.

The Vice President of the Government has insisted that “the financing system has expired 14 years ago”, in addition, she has indicated that this issue “is key to people’s lives” and its reform would result, in the Valencian Community, in schools “without barracks” or in healthcare “with dignity”. And he has reiterated: “We promise that, in the year 2024, we will take out the papers (to) fix once and for all regional financing for Valencia“.

In addition, Díaz has appealed to the undecided on the left to support Sumar instead of the PSOEgiven that they are a guarantee to revalidate a coalition government and compliance with the limitation of rental prices, an increase in the minimum wage and not extending the retirement age in the country.

In this sense, and for the second day of the campaign, the leader of Sumar has highlighted the differences with the PSOE andno housing matter And it has made them ugly that they are in favor of opening the door to the debate on whether to extend retirement to 70 years. And also has appealed to the feminist vote after criticizing that the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, attacked him saying that she is a dangerous woman. “Everyone says that I am dangerous, what happens is that there are gentlemen in this country who are afraid of free women”, she has settled.

A public energy company

In addition, it has reaffirmed its commitment to deploy a public energy company to intervene in this market and put an end to the “oligopoly” of four or five multinationals that monopolize the sector, with their plan to break up companies and separate distribution activities from generation activities. “This enormous succulent business in which it produces is also the one that sells the energy,” he has delved.

In search of the comeback

In his speech, Díaz has returned to demand a policy that does not fall into “fights between politicians” or “noise”, but rather “calm”, “serene” that Sumar embodies that with dialogue, but also with firmness in the proposals, he wants to reissue the progressive coalition from 23J, for which his candidacy must “continue to grow” to complete the “comeback” against the bloc of PP and Vox.

But just as Errejón has previously lectured, the candidate for the Presidency of the Government has pointed out the “differences” with the PSOE in crucial elements. And addressing people who “have doubts and certain fears”, she has remarked that “what she says she fulfills”, as criticize his serious mistake of not extending the anti-crisis decree the automatic extension of rental contracts to continue limiting prices.

Also, as he did yesterday in Zaragoza, he added that there are businessmen who want increase the retirement age to 70 years and that his partner, in reference to the PSOE, is willing to open the door and discuss lengthening it. “Sumar is not going to allow a cleaner or a dresser, a construction person, to work for more than 65 years,” he promised before the audience to emphasize that, in this field and in others, they will continue to win rights and improve the pensions.

Sumar's proposal to regulate deposits clashes with the opinion of the ECB

Would the PSOE have raised only the SMI to 47%?

On the other hand, it has reiterated that the Housing Law arrived “late and is insufficient”, Therefore, one of its immediate goals is to reform it to shield price control throughout the country, along with its commitment to reach a public housing stock for rent with 2 million apartments in ten years.

What’s more, he has questioned that without his presence in the Government the PSOE would have raised the minimum wage, deployed the ERTE mechanism during the pandemic or the current labour reform, to later defend that the vote for Sumar “is worth double” because, in addition to guaranteeing a progressive government, it is a guarantee of program compliance.

Díaz has also had an impact on whatwho wants “democracy in the economy”, reduce the working day without loss of salary and a tax reform to “end tax privileges”. “We want those who are raking in obscene profits to contribute to our country and defray the costs of the welfare state,” she said.

As usual in her acts, the second vice president He has affirmed that the story that the right wing is going to win the 23J is falsegiven that the victory will be for the progressive bloc and they will continue to defend the rights of LGTBI people and display a “99% feminism” that expands freedom.

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