Danilo Carrera leaves Mexico and explains his reasons: “He’s hitting me a lot”


Danilo Carrera He opened up about the course his life will take in 2023 and pointed out that he will soon move to Miami, after living in Mexico for seven years.

The actor confessed that if it hadn’t been for his new soap opera ‘Invincible Love’ with Angelique Boyer, he would already be living in the United States.

“I am moving to Miami; I am leaving Mexico after seven years, and it is a process, ”she revealed in an interview for various media such as Despierta América.

The former Ecuadorian soccer player assured that he has fulfilled his mission on Aztec land, so he will now reside in the so-called “City of the Sun.”

“I have already done everything in Mexico, that is, what else can I do? I have already starred, antagonized, I have been in all the hours (programming schedules on Mexican television) ”, commented the actor.

Danilo Carrera considers Mexico as his home, so leaving after pleasant experiences in that country is difficult for him.

“I am telling you the truth? It is hitting me a lot because it is my house, it has been my home for the last seven years, since I moved in 2015 I have not left. They have treated me incredible, I have had a career that not even I could imagine getting to where I have reached ”, the actor was honest.

Does Danilo Carrera leave soap operas?

Danilo Carrera was surprised to say that he has thought about retiring from soap operas at the age of 33, since he considers that it is the ideal now that he is at the peak of his career.

“I already won all the awards, we were already number one in the United States, in all of Latin America; I already did concerts with that novel (‘The double life of Estela Carrillo’) and I think this one here could be. If I already retire, I retire again on high, right? ”, She added.

The artist did not reveal what he will do in Miami; however, he assured that at this stage he could take time to enjoy life.

“Well, since I was 26 years old, starring at 9:00 at night, taking prizes to the 27 who had not won my 40-year-old colleagues with a 25-year career and earning well to go on a trip, enjoy life,” external.

Danilo Carrera stayed in Mexico for his project with Angelique Boyer

The actor revealed that he had already thought about moving to the United States for a long time; However, he decided to stay one more season when he was offered a role in the new soap opera by Juan Osorio, ‘Amor invincible’.

“For now, the truth is that if this project with Juan Osorio and Angelique Boyer had not come out, I would not be working and I would have left already; because this came out (the telenovela ‘Amor invincible’). There are things that you cannot Saying no is a challenge, and the truth is, if this were my last novel, I would retire very happy, very happy,” Carrera told the Mexican press.

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