Dakar Rally 2023: Sainz does not complete the stage and returns to the camp: “I have only seen Peterhansel fly, and I behind”


Carlos Sainz has decided not completing the sixth stage of the Dakar 2023 and return to the camp by road after the accident in which he seriously gives up his hybrid Audi. The incident happened at 10:15 in the morning and analyze if he continues in the race and they have already transcended their first statements analyzing what happened. According to what MARCA has learned, the car is very damaged and it will be in the camp when it will be assessed if it can be repaired.but the intention is to do: “Let’s try”they assure in the German brand

In any case, what is certain is that Sainz, by not completing the stage, will receive a heavy penaltybut I can continue tomorrow re-engaged in the race thanks to one of the two jokers that priority pilots have. Continue to appear in the general classification and you will be able to add points for the W2RC World Championship, but not be considered as finisher of the Dakar 2023.

Sainz and Peterhansel, at the time of the accidentASO/Charly Lopez

“I have seen Peterhansel fly, and I afterwards”

“Stphane had caught us, I was right behind him, following him very closely. The only thing I have seen has been to blow up his car and I fly after it. Upon landing we broke the suspension and Edouard broke something in his spine”, Carlos commented in the first words that have come out in this odyssey that has already lasted 8 hours. It is estimated that they will arrive at the camp around 9:00 p.m. Spanish time..

Audi’s hopes in the Dakar 2023 They have been buried today in the most unfortunate day of the German brand in its new stage in the rally Saud. Its two drivers with options for victory in the Dakar 2023, Carlos Sainz (who was fourth overall) and Stephane Peterhansel (second), have said goodbye to their chances of victory on the same day… and practically on the same day. place.

An unusual double accident

The two RS Q e-tron E2 have suffered an accident at the same pointkilometer 212 of today’s special (according to what MARCA has been able to learn, in a hole in which both cars would have fallen), when they were rolling together (with Peterhansel ahead of the Spaniard at the time of the accident).

From the impact, Sainz’s Audi suffered hit the suspension and the steering boxin addition to problems of batterymuch more complicated to solve than the purely mechanical ones, As reported by Audi, the Matador’s car is badly damaged.

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