Copa del Rey: The shame of the Cup


Lthe quarterfinals of the Copa del Reywhich are played in a single match, have given rise to a surreal and sad event in the history of Spanish football. Barcelona Y Real Madridthe two giants of LaLiga, have reserved the right of admission of fans with shirts, scarves or rival symbols in their matches at the Camp Nou and at the Bernabéu, venues for their duels against Real Sociedad and Atlético de Madrid, respectively. A measure that enjoys under the lawbut which represents a very serious precedent for football, a supposed space for harmony and coexistence.

The Barça, ‘pioneer’

Bailiff and the controversy of the shirts at the Camp Nou: “It’s very sad”

Barcelona was the first to embark on a path that will continue in the Cup quarterfinals, under the single-match quarterfinal format promoted by the RFEF. The Barcelona club prohibited the entrance of fans of the female teams of Spanish Y Real Madrid at the Camp Nou, but it was the ban on the blue and white fans in the LaLiga game (December 31) that lit the fuse. As MARCA published last Saturday, the Catalan club relies on non-violence to establish this type of restriction. “It can be a legal measure if the meeting is high risk,” he explained to this newspaper. Agustin Amorosby Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo. Toni Freixa (Freixa Advocats), added: “Prohibiting access to a stadium to fans who wear the shirt of the rival team and are not located in the areas authorized for this purpose, can be adjusted by law under certain conditions and in accordance with the provisions of the legal system”. Thus, the fans of the Real society that today they go to the Camp Nou, only 162, they will not be able to wear symbols of the San Sebastian club. “It is very sad, a pity, very sad that a fan cannot represent their team away from home“Imanol Aguacil said yesterday at a press conference.

Tickets for the derby

Yes they can wear t-shirts Athletic the rojiblancos fans who attend the derby tomorrow at the Bernabeu, but few. Specifically, 334, the lucky ones who will have a ticket from the more than 4,000 who requested it through Atleti. A measure that also generated a great deal of dust, although, as in the case of Barcelona, ​​the law protects Madrid. And it is that, unlike what happens in the competitions organized by the Uefa, in which it is mandatory to reserve a quota of tickets for visiting fans, in national tournaments this regulation does not apply. The final decision is left to the local club.

More obstacles on the web

Barely 24 hours later, when the low quota of tickets assigned to Atlético became known, the white club went one step further, conditioning the purchase of tickets by rojiblancos fans through its official website. The message when trying to buy a ticket on the white channel is the following: “For general knowledge, it is communicated that the seats for visiting fans can only be purchased through the visiting team and that, for security reasons, they are located in an area duly separated from the rest of the fans. Real Madrid reserves the right to prevent fans of the visiting team from entering the stadium with seats that have been purchased through other channels and are not located in said area.“In other words, Atlético fans who buy tickets this way will not be able to go to the stadium with clothes or symbols that identify them as fans of the rival, the white club reserving the right of admission. Real Madrid, unlike the Barcelona does not explicitly say that it will prohibit fans wearing the Atlético shirt or scarf from entering, but it is understood that the only way to identify if a fan is from the rival or not is by the colors they decide to wear to the stadium.

And in Europe?

With the still fresh memory of the invasion of fans of the eintracht at the Camp Nou during a match in the last Europa League, the question now extends to European competitions, which will return shortly, with Barça dueling against Manchester Utd (February 16) and Madrid against Liverpool (March, 15th). It will be necessary to see the position of both clubs regarding the admitted clothing, since UEFA obliges locals to reserve at least 5% capacity for visiting fans. Both United and Liverpool draw large numbers of fans to their matches. According to legal sources, the regulation of not letting rival fans enter your stadium with their team’s shirt it’s legal provided that it is provided for in the internal regulations of the local club and does not violate the principle of equality that safeguards the Constitution Spanish.

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