Copa del Rey: The Cacereo coach responds to Ancelotti for the grass controversy: “He’s older and played on worse pitches”


Julio Coboscoach of C.P. Cacereo from Second RFEFresponded to Carlo Ancelotti following the complaints from the Real Madrid coach about the state of the pitch of the Prince Philip Stadium from cceres in the party of Copa del Rey what The Madrid team ended up winning 0-1.

For me this is not football, it is another sport, you cannot play

Carlo Ancelotti

“You can’t play football. For me it’s not football, it’s another sport, nice because small teams can fight and compete with bigger teams. It’s good for the fans but the fans also want to see nice games”, were the words of Ancelotti on the pitch.

Ancelotti: “For me this is not football, it’s another sport, you can’t play it”

Julio Cobos in ‘El Larguero’ on Ancelotti’s “excuses”: “I was surprised that he said this”

Julio Cobos was asked in the Chain BE due to Ancelotti’s complaints, and the Cacereo coach made it clear that “those excuses are not valid”.

“I think it is football… Besides, Ancelotti is older and has played on much worse pitches than these,” the coach declared on the program. ‘The spar’.

Cobos acknowledged that “I was surprised that Ancelotti said this”, and pointed to Manu Carreo that “I’m going to tell you one thing. In the previous tie, Coria played in their field against Real Sociedad… who scored five. And the field was like ours. The Real Sociedad players knew how to understand it perfectly. I mean, the field is right or wrong for everyone.”

“I believe that when a field is bad, the teams that have more technical players need three touches and they need one to control the ball, so… these are excuses,” explained the Cacereo coach about the controversy over the pitch.

Copa del Rey (1/16 final): Summary and goal from Cacereo 0-1 Real Madrid

Julio Cobos, Cacereo coach: “Real Madrid has suffered a lot”

In the press conference after the match, Julio Cobos praised the “good game” of his players against Real Madrid and admitted that he was a “little annoyed”: “We were very close, we had it in hand.”

We’ve been so close, we’ve had it in hand

Julio Cobos

“They were not happy or comfortable. Real Madrid has suffered a lot,” explained the coach from Extremadura, who believes that in phases of the game it was closer to 1-0 than 0-1, in statements reproduced by the EFE news agency.

We played the game we had in mind, except that in the end we didn’t score any goals and an individual play decided

Julio Cobos

“We played the game we had in mind, like in Girona, except that in the end we didn’t score any goals and an individual move made the decision”, he explained regarding the development of the round of 32 in Cáceres.

Goal by Rodrygo (0-1) in the Cacereo 0-1 Real Madrid

Ivn Fernndez (Cacereo): “The field was bad for the 22 players”

For his part, Ivn Fernndez, Cacereo winger, endorsed his coach’s words by answering Ancelotti.

“The field was bad for the 22 players, it was quite soft and there have been too many slips,” said the striker in the mixed zone in statements published by the agency EFE.

The field was bad for the 22 players, it was quite soft and there were too many slips

Ivn Fernndez

Ivn Fernndez wanted to highlight that despite losing 0-1, his team had “a great game and we competed against a whole Real Madrid”.

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