Congress gives the green light to government measures to curb inflation


The plenary session of the Congress of Deputies has validated this Tuesday the Royal Decree Law with the new measures of the Government to fight against the inflation caused by the war in Ukraine, among them the elimination or reduction of the VAT in staple foods. Félix Bolaños, Minister of the Presidency, has been the one who has defended this norm, approved with 175 votes in favor, 7 against and 164 abstentions, including those of the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos.

Likewise, its processing as a bill by the urgent procedure has been agreed almost unanimously. Specifically, the decree incorporates measures such as the abolition of VAT for staple foods and the reduction of VAT from 10% to 5% for oils and pasta, in addition to a check for 200 euros for households with annual income of up to 27,000 euros and the free in 2023 of Cercanías and medium distance trainsamong other.

“Protect families and businesses while the war lasts”

Félix Bolaños has indicated during the defense of the decree law that the context “is complex” and “there are uncertainties to be cleared up”, but he wanted to convey the idea that the Executive will do “whatever is necessary to protect families and companies while it lasts war”. In his opinion, it is difficult to say no to this list of measures that are going to protect our citizens, unless they try to harm the Government, while he has made it clear that they are going to avoid the politics of fear and work to have a fairer country.

The deputy of United We Can Pilar Garrido has insisted that this Royal Decree includes measures “of dignity” because they “protect people’s lives”, in addition to “trying to guarantee basic goods”, and they should be defended “by any government of any color and any representative who respects his people”.

party abstentions

The PP agrees with the reduction in VAT on food because, according to what he says, it was one of the things he proposed to curb inflation, but he indicates that he has not voted in favor because he hoped that this reduction would also include meat, fish and you preserve them. In fact, its spokesman Jaime Eduardo de Olano has assured that his group would have voted in favor of the decree if it were processed as a bill and included that or other measures proposals by the popular, such as the extension of the fuel bonus to the self-employed.

Ciudadanos had already announced the abstention of his group, while Vox had not confirmed the direction of his vote, although his spokesman Iván Espinosa de los Monteros has insisted that this Executive “only hits when it rectifies” and copy your group’s proposals.

Formations with favorable votes

PNV, PDeCAT, Más País and Compromís had already announced their vote in favour, although Joan Baldoví, from Compromís, had criticized the part of the decree that “relaxes environmental conditions for the implementation of renewables” and regretted that 250,000 farms are left out because they do not receive aid from the CAP.

For her part, Idoia Sagastizabal, from the PNV, had raised some doubts about the elimination or reduction of VAT on certain foods, a measure that “is not focused on the most vulnerable”, “is not studied to reduce inequality” and “benefits people with high incomes”.

EH Bildu and ERC had not previously announced the meaning of their vote, although Oskar Matute has made reference to the “shadows” that this decree includes, such as a VAT reduction that “benefits the rich” and “widens the inequality gap “so he asked” that limit the price of food“, or the relaxation that is made to give the green light to energy projects under the umbrella of renewables.

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