“Companies are doing very well with this government”


The tidal wave that Ferrovial’s change of headquarters to the Netherlands has caused this week in economic policy has led practically all the ministers to criticize this decision by Rafael del Pino’s firm. On this occasion, the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, took the opportunity to reiterate the Government’s rejection of the transfer of the construction company’s headquarters, which in her opinion “she does not have nothing to do with any action or omission on the part of the Executive“, since” Spanish companies are doing very well with this government.

In an interview published in The vanguard This Sunday, Calviño has assured that the information that the Government has and the technical analyzes raise “many doubts” about the arguments that have been given to justify this decision, which he has described as “erroneous”.

Calviño considers that if an emblematic company, which has become a large multinational thanks to the support of all the governments that have existed in Spain, “alleges arguments that are not sustained” to move its headquarters outside its borders, “shows very little commitment” to his country.

According to the economic vice president, the decision “has nothing to do with the Spanish Government or with any action or omission on the part of the Executive”, while at the same time ensuring that Spain is a country with a “very high legal certainty”, which attracts significant international investment. He recalled that since the current coalition took office, Ferrovial has managed to win public works tenders for more than 1,000 million euros.

The Minister of Economic Affairs He has assured that in Spain there are “very good businessmen” and that the Government has shown that “it is committed to them”, since it has carried out a “coherent, responsible and balanced” economic policy. “Spanish companies are doing very well with this government”, he highlighted.

During the interview, he has also referred to other issues and has said that the second part of the year we will be at much lower inflation levels and that the VAT reduction on basic foods has been an “effective” measure.

Calviño considers it “incomprehensible” that ERC has submitted an amendment to the entirety, together with Vox, to the bill on the Financial Client Defense Authority, because it is something “highly demanded and urgent.”

The Minister for Economic Affairs also considers that “female talent must be fully exploited, for reasons of social policy and economic efficiency”, for which reason she welcomes the announcement made yesterday by Pedro Sánchez to prepare a law so that listed companies and entities of public interest have 40% women in their management.

Calviño has reiterated that the Executive is a “feminist government” and that the Law of only ‘yes is yes’ is “positive and necessary”, but that, if an error is detected, “it must be resolved as soon as possible.”

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