Cesc Fbregas announces his retirement after 21 seasons as a professional


Cesc Fabregas, a key player in the successes of Spanish football in the last 15 years, has just announced the end of his professional career on his social networks. The Catalan, who has finished this season at the as 1907Italian team of the B-series, has decided to put an end to his career after 21 years of football at the highest level. He has done so in a statement on his social networks.

Cesc, 36 years old, has participated in 17 Serie B games with his last team, of which he also became an owner partner. In the How to train the next season as head of team B and Primavera (Youth), in an idea that was already preconceived since he joined this project last summer.

Cesc Fábregas has been a key player in the successes of the Spanish Selection. He was the player who annihilated Italy in the Euro 2008 quarterfinals., in that penalty that the whole country shouted against ‘Gigi’ Buffon and that served to take the first big step towards the Eurocup title. Cesc was also the author of the pass to Iniesta in the 2010 World Cup final, a pass that gave us the world title and glory for the only time in our history.

Cesc, in a recent image.

Despite his successes in clubs, in Spain no one will forget his decisive participation in the successes and style of play of La Roja. He himself underlines it in his words today: “I have lifted the World Cup, two Euro Cups, and I have won everything in England and Spain and almost all the European trophies”, he says.

Cesc, a fine player far from the stereotype of the current ‘athlete’ who rules in midfield, he had five clubs in his career. He left Bara’s youth academy to make his debut before turning 18 with Arsne Wenger’s Arsenal team that seduced him for a project in which he would become a symbolic and historic player, until he became captain. He won Leagues with all of his big clubs (Arsenal, Bara and Chelsea), but he never lifted the Champions League, perhaps the big ‘but’ of a brilliant career.

He spent three seasons with Bara, winning the Super Cup (two), the Copa del Rey and the League, and becoming a close friend, to this day, of Lionel Messi. After this stage, he had four good seasons at Chelsea, with whom he won the Premier League and the Europa League, among other things. Already in his last years of football, with injuries at a cost, he had experience in French (Monaco) and Italian (Como) football, completing four of the five major European Leagues, excepting the Bundesliga and counting on that in Italy. He only played in Serie B.

The Cesc player leaves, therefore, but the coach Fbregas appears, profession for which he has been prepared for a few years. Football has it in its head, of course, for years.

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