Can the pension for permanent disability and a job be reconciled?


The pension for permanent disability It comes loaded with news for this year. One of the most important changes has to do with the increase in amounts minimum and maximum of up to 8.5% for contributory social benefits. However, non-contributory pensions for permanent disability will do so by up to 15%. This increase is included in the new General State Budget.

It should be remembered that this unprecedented increase responds to the need to combat the skyrocketing rate of inflation, which closed December at almost 6% due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, according to what is alleged from within the Government of Spain. Specifically, what the Ministry of Inclusion is looking for, Social Security and Migrations is to ensure the purchasing power of pensioners and modernize the pension system. This is how Minister José Luis Escrivá made it known this week, through a letter that more than nine million people have received.

I have a permanent disability: can I work?

To answer this question, the first thing you need to know What does it mean when a permanent disability is approved?. According to definition given by Social Securityis an economic benefit that tries to cover the loss of income that a worker suffers when due to illness or accident his working capacity is reduced or cancelled.

there are up to four degrees of permanent disability:

  • Partial: It causes the worker a decrease of no less than 33% in performance for said profession.
  • Total: It disables the worker for his usual profession, but he can dedicate himself to a different one.
  • Absolute: Disqualifies the worker for any profession or trade.
  • Great Disability: When the permanently disabled worker needs the assistance of another person for the most essential acts of life.

In the case of a person with permanent disability partial You can reconcile the collection of the pension with a job. In the case of the perception of a permanent disability total It is incompatible with the performance of the same category or professional group, being compatible with another type of work activity in the same company or in a different one. However, in cases of absolute or great disabilitywill not be able to perform professional tasks, since they disqualify the worker for any profession or trade.

So, the pension total disability It has an amount equivalent to 55% of the regulatory base, although it can reach 75% if the beneficiary is at least 55 years old and unemployed. However, in the case of permanent disability pension absolute is equivalent to 100% of the regulatory base in the pension

As regards the pension for great disability also constitutes a pension 100% of the regulatory base, although other economic supplements must be added due to the beneficiary’s need to have the help of third parties to carry out basic day-to-day actions. This is the main reason why the severe disability pension is usually the highest of the permanent disability pensions.

Can unemployment and permanent disability be collected?

In the cases in which, being incapacitated, the beneficiary of a total permanent disability loses or is suspended a job compatible with his situation as a pensioner, will have the right to receive the benefit or subsidy for unemployment that corresponds to him, in addition to the pension.

Pension amounts for permanent disability 2023

Great Disability

  • With dependent spouse: goes from 1,335.80 to 1,448.80 euros per month.
  • Without a spouse: it goes from 1,082.60 to 1,173.53 euros per month.
  • With a non-dependent spouse: it goes from 1,027.50 to 1,113.88 euros per month.

Absolute or total permanent disability pensions of 65 years or more:

  • With dependent spouse: 965 euros per month and 13,519 euros per year.
  • With a non-dependent spouse: 743 euros per month and 10,405 euros per year.
  • Without a spouse: 783 euros per month and 10,962 euros per year.

Total permanent disability pensions between 60 and 64 years of age

  • With dependent spouse: 906 euros per month and 12,682 euros per year.
  • With a non-dependent spouse: 692 euros per month and 9,694 euros per year.
  • Without a spouse: 732 euros per month and 10,256 euros per year.

Total permanent disability pensions derived from common illness in people under 65 years of age

  • With a dependent spouse and without a spouse: 577 euros per month and 8,081 euros per year.
  • With a non-dependent spouse: 572 euros per month and 8,011 euros per year.

Non-contributory pension for disability or invalidity

  • The monthly remuneration of people who receive a disability pension will become 484.61 euros per month.
  • Non-contributory disability pension with an increase of 50%: 726.9 euros per month.
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