Can I request the check for 200 euros if I live with my parents?


The 200 euro check presents great doubts for its potential beneficiaries, who will see how on February 15 the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency will open a platform to request aid promoted from the headquarters of the Government of Spain. Now, what happens in the case of people who live with their parents. It’s possible? Well, the answer is yes, as long as the requirements detailed below are met.

On the other hand, it is vitally important to know that they can ask for the check of 200 euros employees, the self-employed and the unemployed. However, those who will not be able to carry out the process are pensioners and beneficiaries of the Minimum Vital Income. From the Ministry of Finance, led by María Jesús Montero, they argue this controversial decision in that this group of people have already benefited from the revaluation of both social benefits for 2023.

I live with my parents: can I ask for the help of 200 euros?

It is possible to request a check for 200 euros, even if the interested party lives at home with their parents, as long as the income obtained in 2021, including those received by the cohabitants, are less than 14,000 euros in full, that is, the gross amount received without discounting expenses or withholdings. With regard to assets, discounting the habitual residence, it must not exceed 43,196.40 euros.

How and when can I request the help of 200 euros?

The Electronic Office of the Tax Agency will open a platform next February 15 in which the help of 200 euros can be managed through an online form. Once the Treasury verifies the requirements and, as a consequence, the application is accepted, it will make a single payment to the account holder. In regards to the documentation to presentIn principle, it will not be necessary, since the Treasury will cross-check your data with those of other administrations and determine if the taxpayer is entitled to the check. If the granting of aid is not appropriate, the public body will notify the applicant, who will have ten days to argue. After a period of one month has elapsed without the latter having presented allegations, documents or supporting documents, the request is considered denied.

Who is excluded?

The following groups of natural persons will not have the right to process this second anti-crisis measure, as reflected in the Royal Decree Law 11/2022 published in the BOE.

  • Those who perceive the Minimum Vital Income.
  • Those who receive a pension paid by the General Regime or the special Regimes of the Social Security or by the Regime of Passive Classes of the State.
  • Those who receive similar benefits from mutual social security alternatives to RETA (Special Social Security Regime for Self-Employed or Self-Employed Workers).

Likewise, the Official State Gazette indicates that persons who themselves or their spouses were legal administrators of a mercantile company that had not ceased its activity to December 31 or were holders of securities representing the participation in the equity of an unlisted company.

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