Calviño expects the EU to pay the third tranche of anti-crisis funds this month


Nadia CalvinoFirst Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs, has expressed her wish that the European Commission make the payment of the third tranche of the anti-crisis funds during the next fortnight. This amount is made up of 6,000 million eurosIn addition, the Vice President has confirmed that the Government is preparing the request for the fourth tranche, which would be 10,000 million euros and is linked to 58 milestones, among which the pension reform stands out.

“We hope that in the next fortnight the European Commission make the third payment of 6,000 million euros for the milestones and objectives achieved”, he told the press at the end of the meeting of EU Economy and Finance Ministers (Ecofin) held in the European capital.

Calviño, who wanted to highlight the “good pace” of the deployment of recovery funds in Spain –at a rate of “about 2,000 million monthly“in the call for aid and tenders–, has also indicated that the Government is preparing the request for the fourth tranche, and for the addendum to the recovery plan to mobilize 100% of the loans and transfers assigned to Spain.

In this sense, heThe economic vice president has specified that there is no predetermined term on the moment in which each request must be madenor are there “commitments or obligations” that the requests for the fourth payment and the addendum must be made “simultaneously”.

These statements came after the vice-president yesterday bet on the strength of the Spanish banks in the face of the SVB crisis. Despite the scenario of “turbulence”, Calviño assures that the Government is following “very closely” the news coming from the US, likewise, he affirmed that I was not aware of a “concrete exposure” of financial institutions in Spain, although “in a context of such intense volatility, it is necessary for all public and private agents, banks, other financial institutions, those responsible for fiscal and monetary policy, to act prudently.

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