Brussels adopts extra measures to put an end to the imbalance in the wine market

The European Commission has implemented exceptional measures to remedy the current imbalances in the wine market due to the reduction in the consumption and stock accumulation, which has generated a loss of income in various regions of the European Union, thus responding to requests from Member States especially affected by this context, such as thethe case of Spain.

Within the framework of national wine support programmes, it will now be possible for Member States to include crisis distillation to remove surplus wine from the market, thus Until next October 15 it will be possible to distill the most affected wine.or by the market crisis.

He distilled wine will be withdrawn from the market and the alcohol obtained may only be used for non-food uses to avoid distortions of competition. The application of wine support programs has also been made more flexible, allowing more flexibility for the green harvest this summer and increasing the percentage of EU co-financing of measures related to restructuring, green harvesting, promotion and investment.

This will allow Member States to better adapt their measures to the situation on the wine market in the current year and to make better use of the green harvest to avoid or reduce possible surpluses of wine next year. The wine sector is affected by the reduction in consumption due to ongoing food and beverage price inflation, which, combined with a good 2022 harvest and the consequences of market difficulties during the pandemic, has led to a build-up of stocks.

The sector is affected by the rise in prices

This market context is causing marketing difficulties for winegrowers and producers in the EUa fall in market prices and, consequently, a serious loss of income, especially in some of the regions most affected by these trends.

The measures adopted by the Commission, once approved by the Member States at a meeting of the Committee for the Common Organization of the Agricultural Markets, will help the sector to remedy current imbalances.

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