Belarra accuses Ferrovial of being a “pirate company” and asks for “every last euro”


Ferrovial’s decision to change its headquarters to the Netherlands has lifted the majority of ministers of the coalition government en bloc. On this occasion, it has been the turn of the leader of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, who has raised her tone even more than her colleagues and has crossed out the signature of Rafael del Pino from “pirate company” for their transfer and has asked to “tie them short” so that “they have to return every last euro that the Spaniards gave them”.

This was expressed by Belarra in her speech at the feminist meeting of the ‘The force that transforms’ route of Podemos in Madrid, where she has claimed that feminism “proposes a change of perspective” to “move from the logic of capitalismfrom the permanent accumulation of economic benefits” to the defense of the “rights of the social majority”.

In this context, he said that this week a “very concrete example” has been seen with what happened to Ferrovial, which has been made ugly by its transfer when “it has only been carried out in this legislature 1,000 million euros of public contracts”.

He also recalled that the company “saw how their salaries were nationalized with the ERTE and that later, when things went wrong, she was rescued with money from all the Spaniards”. Now, she has lamented, “she decides to take her headquarters outside of Spain”.

It is a pirate company and it must be said clearly”, he insisted in this sense, to request that they return what was contributed by the Spaniards so that it can be used for public services. “That is exposing the logic of life ahead of the logic of economic benefits. And that is also feminism,” she has sentenced.

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