Barcelona – Real Sociedad | LaLiga Santander: Xavi: “The environment is very cruel”


Xavi He has looked back and has analyzed the entire season. He has not hidden that the Barça environment is sometimes cruel and has revealed that the worst moment was after the defeat in the Bernabou. He has recognized that as a coach he has suffered triple.


“Night of celebration and joy. Grateful to the president, staff, footballers and fans. The biggest change I have experienced in my 6-7 years away from here is the fans, now they are spectacular. They are moments of goosebumps. It is very good for the barcelonismo that they are united”.

ninth title

“As a coach you suffer three times. You take responsibility for practically everything. It’s unfair to say LaLiga about Xavi, it’s a team effort.”

Most special title as a coach or player?

“It’s very important because you always have a lot of pressure and more as a coach. He came out because he was stubborn. There have been very hard moments and in the end he came out. After the defeat at the Bernabu I had a really bad time, there was a talk and we made a block, family… . and until today”.

After the defeat at Bernabu I had a really bad time, there was a talk and we made a block, family… and until today


worst moment of the season

“The worst moment is when you get the feeling that they don’t believe in you. The Barcelona environment is very cruel at times and it gives you the feeling that they are not happy when things are working out. Putting order, betting on four midfielders… It is one of the keys of the season”.

Working capacity

“Having been a player also gives you a plus. Honesty, being fair with the group, loyal, demanding… you have to be a bit of a psychologist in all of this.”


“I try not to be aware, but it is impossible. It comes to my parents, my wife, at school, to the footballers… I am from here and, when you are at home, you suffer it.”

As a coach you suffer triple



“Our brilliant version has not come out, they have defended themselves very well, they have made counters and transitions. Sorloth has made a great game. Necessity has made them win the game, we did not have a clear objective. It was normal to play this game after a week of celebrations. We have competed until the end, but we have not been so successful. They play a lot. They have deserved the victory. We have tried, with clear chances, but it has not been possible. The main objective was to win, not fit in, but we took our first defeat on matchday 35 and that has a lot of merit”.


“Barcelona fans needed happiness. Proud to be the Barcelona coach”.


“We want to win, we have seen a team with desire, ambition, passion… things have not turned out for us and it has not been a good version. On Tuesday we want to win in Valladolid and those who remain”.

An image

“I prefer Kessie’s goal, which gave us a lot. The victory in Valencia, Pamplona, ​​Franck’s goal that gave us that difference of 12 points and was an important step towards the LaLiga title. Also the fan-squad harmony “.


“We can’t lower the intensity. It’s difficult because we have achieved the first objective although we still have other individual ones at stake.”

Xavi’s impeccable speech: from the “president, we are not so bad” to the “skin chicken”

“Press, we’re not that bad”

“It has come out on the fly. I have seen him very euphoric. He deserves it. He has also suffered a lot.”

I am surprised that they have not chosen Araujo in the eleven of LaLiga this season



“Everybody celebrated the title today as a team. Nobody stands out above anyone else. We make them understand that there are obligations as a block, as a family… they all appear in the photo as champions.”

Paul Tower

“Football explanation. We have many strikers and forwards. They have competition but the five minutes plus the addition have helped us and we will participate in the three remaining games.”


“I am surprised that they have not chosen him in the LaLiga eleven this season. He has given us a lot. He is a natural leader. A physical wonder, a marvelous person. He always adds up. He is aware of the group, of the details”.

He is a legend, the best defensive midfielder my eyes have ever seen


Ovation for Busquets

“It is the first of the few ovations that I have heard from people. He is a legend, the best defensive midfielder my eyes have ever seen. That is why we have changed him, so that he would get an ovation and next week he deserves a tribute”.

Jordi Cruyff

“I have told him to stay. Next year will not be easy. We are already planning.”

Eric Garcia

“He can adapt to the pivot position, he sees football very well, moves well in football, wins duels…”.

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